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Matheson’s primary focus is on serving the Irish legal needs of internationally focused companies and financial institutions doing business in and…
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Matheson LLP | European Union, Ireland, OECD | 26 Sep 2023

New EU Proposal for a Transfer Pricing Directive

The European Commission on 12 September 2023 issued a legislative proposal for a directive on Transfer Pricing ("EU TP Proposal") which aims for the…
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Matheson LLP | European Union, Ireland | 25 Sep 2023

EBA Guidelines on Remote Customer Onboarding Solutions

On 22 November 2022, the European Banking Authority ("EBA") published its Guidelines on the use of Remote Customer Onboarding Solutions under Article…
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Matheson LLP | European Union, Ireland | 22 Sep 2023

EU Credit Servicing Directive - An Update

The Directive on Credit Servicers and Credit PurchasersOpens in new window (the "Directive") will apply to the sales and servicing of non-performing…
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Matheson LLP | European Union | 22 Sep 2023

Proposed Changes to the Thresholds for Application of CSRD

One of the most ground-breaking aspects of the EU's Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive ("CSRD") is that it will require certain private…
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Matheson LLP | Ireland | 21 Sep 2023

Healthcare Regulation in Ireland

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Matheson LLP | Global, Ireland | 20 Sep 2023

COP28: The Global Stocktake and a Moment for Course Correction

Delegates representing more than 100 Parties to the Paris Agreement met in Bonn from 5-15 June 2023. This was the first full in-person meeting since…
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Matheson LLP | United Kingdom | 20 Sep 2023

Third-party litigation funding - UK decision illustrates complexities of regulation

The UK Supreme Court recently handed down an important judgment concerning the statutory interpretation of the legislative framework…
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