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We are a leading full-service law firm in Istanbul, Turkey, focused on helping clients in a wide range of legal areas including cross-border…
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Paksoy | Turkey | 13 Feb 2023

Cybersecurity in Turkey

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Paksoy | Turkey | 7 Nov 2022

The International Capital Markets Review: Turkey

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Paksoy | Turkey | 2 Jun 2022

The 23rd Annual IBA Arbitration Day

With the disruption of covid-19, webinars have become the norm of sharing knowledge and keeping up to date with legal developments and trends. Despite…
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Paksoy | Turkey | 26 May 2022

Navigating through Conventional Compounds: Homeopathic Medicinal Products

The Regulation on the Licensing of Homeopathic Medicinal Products (“Licensing Regulation”) was published in the Official Gazette on 24 December 2021…
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Paksoy | Turkey | 19 Apr 2022

Food Supplements at a Glance

Maintaining a healthy life has become priority for many over the last years due to a number of factors including the pandemic, recent developments in…
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Paksoy | Turkey | 22 Mar 2022

Turkish Competition Board’s Chain Markets decision: a boost for competition law enforcement against hub-and-spoke arrangements in Turkey

The term “hub-and-spoke” refers to an atypical form of horizontal coordination characterised by vertical exchanges or agreements between economic…
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Paksoy | Turkey | 8 Mar 2022

A glimpse on over-the-counter medication

With the rise of self-care and self-medication focus also due to the pandemic conditions in the last couple of years, "over-the-counter" medication…
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Paksoy | Turkey | 11 Jan 2022

Recent developments in the energy market as of the beginning of 2022

With the increasing energy prices in the World and the Europe, the electricity and natural gas market is phasing into a very interesting period. With…
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