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Spruson & Ferguson | Australia | 8 Oct 2020

What is an intermediate generalisation anyway?

The Australian provisions outlining whether an amendment to a patent specification is allowable or not were revised with the IP Laws Amendment…

Spruson & Ferguson | Australia, New Zealand | 22 Sep 2020

Double trouble - how to avoid double patenting in Australia and New Zealand

Divisional applications can be filed voluntarily in both Australia and New Zealand and can be a useful way to protect multiple aspects of an invention…

Spruson & Ferguson | Australia | 17 Sep 2020

“Reasonableness” in withholding consent in commercialisation partnerships

It is common for commercial contracts to include provisions that prohibit a party from doing certain things unless with the prior consent of the other…

Spruson & Ferguson | Australia | 15 Sep 2020

Case Note: Ceramiche Caesar S.p.A. v Caesarstone Ltd [2020] FCAFC 124

In the recent decision of Ceramiche Caesar S.p.A. v Caesarstone Ltd [2020] FCAFC 124 (28 July 2020), the Full Court of the Federal Court considered…

Spruson & Ferguson | Myanmar | 9 Sep 2020

Myanmar’s new trade mark registration system: soft opening period to commence on 1 October, 2020

The Ministry of Commerce of Myanmar issued Order 63/2020 on 28 August 2020 announcing that the new Myanmar Office of Intellectual Property (“OIP”) is…

Spruson & Ferguson | Singapore | 8 Sep 2020

Singapore Fast Track Programme to include trade mark and registered design applications

The Intellectual Property of Singapore (IPOS) has announced that the SG Patent Fast Track programme will be expanded to encompass trade mark and…

Spruson & Ferguson | Singapore, South Korea | 1 Sep 2020

IPOS expands cooperation with the Republic of Korea and Lao People’s Democratic Republic for PCT applications

The Intellectual Property Office of Singapore (IPOS) has expanded its international cooperation with the Republic of Korea and Lao People’s Democratic…

Spruson & Ferguson | Australia | 27 Aug 2020

IP Australia fee changes effective from 1 October 2020

IP Australia have announced changes to some of their fees, effective from 1st October 2020. The changes are intended to defer some of the costs to…

Spruson & Ferguson | Australia | 20 Aug 2020

Proposed changes to Australia’s Designs System

In late 2019, the Australian Council on Intellectual Property (ACIP) called for public submissions on possible improvements to Australia’s Registered…

Spruson & Ferguson | China | 18 Aug 2020

China Classification

Foreign brand owners can file trade mark applications in China as national applications or International Registrations (IRs) under the Madrid Protocol…
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