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Tucker Ellis LLP is a full-service law firm of more than 215 attorneys with offices in Chicago, Cleveland, Columbus, Houston, Los Angeles, San…

Tucker Ellis | USA | 4 Sep 2018

Are You Properly Addressing Working Capital In Your Purchase Agreement?

Almost every M&A transaction includes some form of working capital true-up, and yet many practitioners, including attorneys, accountants, and business…

Tucker Ellis | USA | 16 Aug 2018

Cybersecurity Safe Harbor Against Data Breach Lawsuits Becomes Ohio Law

On August 3, Ohio Governor John Kasich signed the Data Protection Act, which provides a safe harbor against data breach suits to businesses…

Tucker Ellis | USA | 4 Aug 2018

Your Real Property Taxes Are Going Up. What Now?

As a property owner in Cuyahoga County, you may have recently received the county’s “Proposed Value Notice” informing you that your real property…

Tucker Ellis | USA | 16 Jul 2018

How should cash and rollover equity be treated in the working capital true-up?

In part one of this series, I suggested that the parties to a deal should not just settle for the trailing twelve month (TTM) average in calculating…

Tucker Ellis | USA | 16 Jul 2018

Courts Split on the Viability of Claims Challenging "Hypoallergenic" Labeling

As is often the case with labeling for cosmetic and personal care products, there is no federal standard or definition governing the use of the term…

Tucker Ellis | USA | 16 Jul 2018

Economic Growth Act Provides Some HVCRE Relief for Real Estate Lenders and Developers

Since the implementation of regulations carrying out the 2010 Dodd-Frank reforms, U.S. banks have been subject to a heightened risk rating and certain…

Tucker Ellis | USA | 16 Jul 2018

California Passes Landmark Law Creating Broad Data Privacy Rights for California Residents

California has passed the United States’ first comprehensive data privacy legislation providing significant privacy rights to consumers and related…

Tucker Ellis | European Union, USA | 16 Jul 2018

GDPR Update: Your Questions About GDPR - Answered

Much of the business community has been busy assessing whether and how to comply with the European Union’s (EU) sweeping data privacy and security law…

Tucker Ellis | USA | 9 Jul 2018

What aspects of working capital should parties to a transaction be able to dispute?

To limit disputes, the parties must first accurately define working capital In my prior posts in this series, I argued that the parties to a deal…

Tucker Ellis | USA | 27 Jun 2018

In a blow to online retailers, U.S. Supreme Court opens the door for states to collect sales tax

In the South Dakota v. Wayfair, Inc. decision issued June 21, 2018, the U.S. Supreme Court held that the physical presence rule previously set forth…
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