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Obligado & Cia | Argentina | 17 May 2021

Trademark opposition process under Law 27,444

Law 27,444, which was enacted in May 2018, reformed the trademark opposition process by introducing a new system in which trademark oppositions are no…

Obligado & Cia | Argentina | 15 Mar 2021

Registering people's names as trademarks

Section 3(h) of the Law on Trademarks prohibits the registration of a person's name, pseudonym or portrait as a trademark without either their consent…

Obligado & Cia | Argentina | 23 Nov 2020

Trade secrets legal regime - an updated overview

In Argentina, confidential information and trade secrets are protected by Section 39.2 of the Agreement on Trade-Related Aspects of Intellectual…

Obligado & Cia | Argentina | 27 Jul 2020

Use of third-party trademarks as keywords

The rapid growth in internet use has given rise to conflicts between registered trademark owners and third parties using said marks. For example…

Obligado & Cia | Argentina | 2 Mar 2020

New legislation on unfair competition and designations of origin

Until the approval of Emergency Decree 274/2019 in April 2019, the regulation of unfair competition in Argentina was characterised by a lack of…

Obligado & Cia | Argentina | 2 Dec 2019

Unfair competition and trademark protection

The protection provided under industrial property law to commercial signs registered with the National Institute of Industrial Property is more…

Obligado & Cia | Argentina | 23 Sep 2019

Trademark rights and comparative advertising

Since the Trademark Law reserves the right to use a trademark for the mark's owner, legal scholars in Argentina have long debated whether the use of…

Obligado & Cia | Argentina | 22 Jul 2019

Implications of new unfair competition legislation for IP practitioners

Emergency Decree 274/2019 has established a comprehensive system for regulating unfair competition. Many practices punished by the new unfair…

Obligado & Cia | Argentina | 13 May 2019

Sweet tooth: new appellation of origin introduced

Law 25,163/1999 and Law 25,380/2000 govern appellations of origin in Argentina for wines and wine-based spirits as well as agricultural and food…

Obligado & Cia | Argentina | 25 Feb 2019

Designations, trade names and the Civil and Commercial Code

The terms 'corporate name', 'trade name' and 'designation' are frequently used without distinction in commerce and business. However, these…
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