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Obligado & Cia | Argentina | 2 Dec 2019

Unfair competition and trademark protection

The protection provided under industrial property law to commercial signs registered with the National Institute of Industrial Property is more


Obligado & Cia | Argentina | 23 Sep 2019

Trademark rights and comparative advertising

Since the Trademark Law reserves the right to use a trademark for the mark's owner, legal scholars in Argentina have long debated whether the use of


Obligado & Cia | Argentina | 22 Jul 2019

Implications of new unfair competition legislation for IP practitioners

Emergency Decree 2742019 has established a comprehensive system for regulating unfair competition. Many practices punished by the new unfair


Obligado & Cia | Argentina | 13 May 2019

Sweet tooth: new appellation of origin introduced

Law 25,1631999 and Law 25,3802000 govern appellations of origin in Argentina for wines and wine-based spirits as well as agricultural and food


Obligado & Cia | Argentina | 25 Feb 2019

Designations, trade names and the Civil and Commercial Code

The terms 'corporate name', 'trade name' and 'designation' are frequently used without distinction in commerce and business. However, these


Obligado & Cia | Argentina | 3 Dec 2018

Amendments to law on industrial models and designs

The Argentine Executive Power recently issued Decree 272018, which has introduced significant and substantial amendments to the Law on Trademarks


Obligado & Cia | Argentina | 8 Oct 2018

Regulation of new trademark opposition system

The government recently issued a decree which introduced substantial changes to the trademark opposition system, empowering the National Institute of


Obligado & Cia | Argentina | 6 Aug 2018

Health Authority and use of trademarks on pharmaceuticals

The Health Authority examines all relevant information to decide whether to authorise a product's introduction to the market, including its trademark


Obligado & Cia | Argentina | 14 May 2018

New trademark opposition system

Decree 272018 was recently issued with the aim of further reducing and simplifying the regulations of different regimes in order to improve commerce


Obligado & Cia | Argentina | 12 Mar 2018

Effect of new decree on industrial property and trademark law

A recently issued decree aims to further reduce and simplify the regulations of relevant regimes in order to provide an efficient response to requests

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