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Haynes and Boone, LLP is an international law firm with offices in Texas, New York, California, Charlotte, Chicago, Denver, Washington, D.C., London…

Haynes and Boone LLP | Mexico | 14 May 2021

Provisional Suspension of Certain Articles of the Amendment to Hydrocarbons Law Ordered by Mexican Court

On May 7, 2021, the Second District Court in Mexico City (which has jurisdiction over all of the Mexican Republic) (the “Court”) granted, in an…

Haynes and Boone LLP | USA | 14 May 2021

Court Decision Raises New Questions for Allocation and PSA Wells

After years of questions, legislative wrangling and arguments on both sides of the issue, the validity of permits for allocation and production…

Haynes and Boone LLP | USA | 12 May 2021

IRS Releases Additional FAQs on Partial Plan Terminations

During the pandemic, many employers laid off and terminated employees as businesses shut-down and then rehired employees when businesses reopened…

Haynes and Boone LLP | USA | 11 May 2021

Arbitration in the Fifth - April 2021

While April 2021 was a slow month for arbitration-related opinions by the courts of the Fifth Circuit, April’s opinions place arbitral issues in a…

Haynes and Boone LLP | USA | 11 May 2021

Ann Al-Bahish in Law360: ‘Indoor Air Pollution Fix Will Require New Laws, New Tech’

In the Biden administration, environmental issues are taking center stage. President Joe Biden's U.S. Environmental Protection Agency is being…

Haynes and Boone LLP | USA | 11 May 2021

HHS Announces Final 2022 Cost-Sharing Maximums under the Affordable Care Act

HHS recently issued its final “Notice of Benefit and Payment Parameters for 2022” (the “Notice”), which includes the maximum annual limitations on…

Haynes and Boone LLP | USA | 6 May 2021

Reminder: Employer Obligations Regarding Employee Life Insurance Coverage

In our prior blog post here, we discussed the case of Anastos v. IKEA Property, Inc., which highlighted the importance of an employer’s understanding…

Haynes and Boone LLP | USA | 5 May 2021

Selling Short: Is There Business Interruption Coverage For Losses Caused By The Global Chip Shortage?

A prolific global crisis, originating overseas, causes supply chain disruptions limiting corporate activity for a period initially thought to be…

Haynes and Boone LLP | Mexico | 5 May 2021

Amendment to the Hydrocarbons Law

A bill amending certain provisions of the Hydrocarbons Law (the “Order”) has gone into effect on May 5, 2021. The Order retains all of the…

Haynes and Boone LLP | USA | 4 May 2021

Reminder: A Release of Claims May Not Offer Blanket Protection Against Potential ERISA Claims

A recent federal district court case, Anastos v. IKEA Property, Inc., illustrates that a release agreement executed upon employment termination may…
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