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Rogers Towers PA | USA | 7 Sep 2016

Permit Extensions as a Result of Hurricane Hermine

At 5:00 p.m. on August 31, 2016, Governor Rick Scott issued a state of emergency for 42 counties because of Hurricane Hermine. If you have a project…

Rogers Towers PA | USA | 9 Jun 2016

Recent Decision Highlights Importance of Maintaining Original Note Modifications

As we have previously discussed, under Florida law, in a foreclosure action, a lender must either provide the original promissory note or, if the…

Rogers Towers PA | USA | 2 Jun 2016

Does A Dismissal of a Foreclosure Action for Lack of Standing Prevent a Subsequent Action on the Same Default?

In Florida, a plaintiff seeking to foreclose a mortgage must have "standing" to foreclose the mortgage as of the date it files its foreclosure…

Rogers Towers PA | USA | 19 May 2016

Property buyers can be held liable for sales and use taxes owed by the prior owner

A purchaser of real property may be subject to liability for taxes, including sales taxes, owed by the Seller to the Florida Department of Revenue…

Rogers Towers PA | USA | 28 Apr 2016

Third District Court of Appeal Withdraws Decision Applying the Statute of Limitations to Mortgage Foreclosures

Florida's Third District Court of Appeal (DCA), sitting en banc, recently withdrew an unpopular decision applying the statute of limitations defense…

Rogers Towers PA | USA | 21 Apr 2016

Replevin: A Remedy for Creditors

Tracing its roots back to the common law, replevin is not a novel concept. While the cause of action is simple—allowing for the recovery of personal…

Rogers Towers PA | USA | 14 Apr 2016

Foreclosing First Mortgagees Not Liable for Additional Fees and Costs Incurred by HOA

As we have previously discussed , although section 720.3085(2)(b), Florida Statutes, generally makes a subsequent owner of real property liable for…
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