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We are a law firm based in Portugal that combines a full-service with all the mastery and skill of legal craftsmanship. We have a genuine enthusiasm…

PLMJ | Portugal | 21 Feb 2024

Preview 2024 | Labour Law

Que temas vão marcar 2024? Estes são os trending topics identificados pela PLMJ. Veja aqui o primeiro PLMJ Preview 2024, com Nuno Ferreira Morgado…
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PLMJ | European Union, Portugal | 14 Feb 2024

Portuguese Competition Law Key developments

In 2023, Portugal continued to be an active jurisdiction in relation to both public and private enforcement of competition law, with some of the key…
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PLMJ | Portugal | 12 Feb 2024

Authorisation and review of prices of medicines: Criteria to be in force in 2024

Ministerial Order 39-C/2024 of 2 February was published in order to define the reference countries to be taken into account in 2024 and the…
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PLMJ | Portugal | 6 Feb 2024

Licensing to Engage in Pharmaceutical Activity

The Regulations on Licensing to Engage in Pharmaceutical Activity ("RLEAF") applies to all natural and legal persons in the private sector who carry…
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PLMJ | Portugal | 26 Jan 2024

Portugal's voluntary carbon market: new insurance

Following the establishment of the voluntary carbon market in Portugal, a new insurance has been introduced to accompany the new legislation. Why was…

PLMJ | Portugal, United Kingdom | 22 Jan 2024

Podcast #71 | What changes with the new Town Planning Simplex

Here's a quick overview of the changes brought about by the new Town Planning Simplex and answers the questions that remain, with implications for…
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PLMJ | Portugal | 17 Jan 2024

The new portuguese voluntary carbon market law

Decree-Law 4/2024, which establishes, organises and regulates a voluntary carbon market in Portugal (the “VCM”), was published on 5 January and came…
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PLMJ | Portugal | 16 Jan 2024

Urban Planning Simplex

Included in the Mais Habitação (More Housing) package, Decree-Law 10/2024 was published on 8 January to reform and simplify town and country planning…
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PLMJ | Portugal | 10 Jan 2024

Abusive clauses - new rules and a control commission

In order to implement the administrative system for the control and prevention of unfair contract terms established by Law 32/2021 of 27 May…
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PLMJ | Portugal | 9 Jan 2024

General State Budget 2024

Law 15/23 of 29 December approving the General State Budget for the financial year 2024 (“GSB 2024”) was published and entered into force on 1…
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