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Grau & Angulo | European Union | 9 Nov 2020

Preliminary injunction issued for the issuance of European certificates of conformity for face masks under infringing sign

The Alicante Commercial Court 1, acting as the European Union Trademark (EUTM) Court 1, recently granted an ex parte preliminary injunction, which had…

Grau & Angulo | Spain | 19 Oct 2020

Vehicle workshop owner convicted for using labels featuring BOSCH trademark on his machines

The Castellon Court of Appeal (Section 2) recently confirmed the criminal conviction of a vehicle workshop owner for a crime against industrial…

Grau & Angulo | Spain | 31 Aug 2020

Modification of exceptional measures adopted due to COVID-19

During the national state of alarm caused by the COVID-19 outbreak and its related health crisis management, measures were adopted affecting IP…

Grau & Angulo | Spain | 3 Aug 2020

Supreme Court dismisses cassation appeal against conviction of counterfeit adidas shoe importer

In February 2020 the Supreme Court dismissed a cassation appeal against a judgment from the High Court of the Valencian Community confirming the…

Grau & Angulo | Spain | 27 Jul 2020

Court of appeal recognises well-known nature of DINOSAURUS trademark and declares use of GALLESAUROS sign to be infringing

The Barcelona Court of Appeal recently recognised the well-known nature of the DINOSAURUS trademark owned by Galletas Artiach and its infringement by…

Grau & Angulo | European Union, Spain | 1 Jun 2020

Appeal court confirms revocation of Spanish SPC for Truvada

The Barcelona Court of Appeal recently issued a judgment confirming the invalidity of Gilead's supplementary protection certificate (SPC) for the…

Grau & Angulo | European Union, Spain | 25 May 2020

Copyright protection of fashion designs in Spain after Cofemel

In light of the European Court of Justice's (ECJ's) decision in Cofemel, copyright protection for fashion designs is now more feasible in Spain…

Grau & Angulo | Spain | 11 May 2020

IP-related measures adopted due to COVID-19

The health crisis caused by the rapid spread of COVID-19 led to the approval and entry into force in Spain of Royal Decree 463/2020 on 14 March 2020…

Grau & Angulo | European Union, Spain | 27 Apr 2020

Community design courts find infringement of well-known GHD hair straighteners

Section 8 of the Alicante Court of Appeal, acting as the Community Design Court, recently confirmed the infringement of Jemella Limited's Community…

Grau & Angulo | European Union, Spain | 23 Mar 2020

Barcelona patent court dismisses preliminary injunction request based on patent in amended form

Barcelona Commercial Court No 1 recently refused to grant a preliminary injunction requested by Sanofi against Mylan in relation to an insulin…
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