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Houthoff lawyers, civil-law notaries and tax advisers combine smart, strategic insight with a pragmatic approach. Houthoff always looks beyond the…
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Houthoff | Netherlands | 7 Apr 2021

The Public-Private Partnership Law Review: Netherlands

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Houthoff | Netherlands | 6 Sep 2020

The Merger Control Review: Netherlands

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Houthoff | Netherlands | 27 Jul 2020

The Real Estate Investment Structure Taxation Review: Netherlands


Houthoff | European Union, Netherlands | 12 May 2020

News Update Financial Regulatory : Highlights of recent developments

The Houthoff Financial Regulatory team closely monitors the developments on the financial markets and within financial supervision. In this News…

Houthoff | Netherlands | 30 Apr 2020

News Update Agrifood : COVID-19 emergency package for specific agricultural sectors

On 15 April, the Dutch government announced the introduction of a new aid scheme with a EUR 650 million budget to specifically support the ornamental…

Houthoff | Netherlands | 28 Apr 2020

News Update Tax : Report of Advisory Committee on the taxation MNEs

A Parliamentary Advisory Committee (the "Committee") assessed potential measures for a fairer taxation of multinationals' profits. Their findings…

Houthoff | Netherlands | 23 Apr 2020

News update employment : Update Noodmaatregelenpakket voor werkgevers

Minister Koolmees heeft in een kamerbrief van 22 April 2020 een aantal wijzigingen aangekondigd om de NOW-regeling beter te lat…

Houthoff | European Union, Netherlands | 23 Apr 2020

News Update Competition - Cooperation in times of coronavirus

This news update is a follow-up to our news update of 25 March 2020 regarding the first reactions of the European competition agencies to the…

Houthoff | Netherlands | 23 Apr 2020

News Update Employment : Update to package of emergency measures for employers

In a parliamentary letter dated 22 April 2020, Minister Koolmees announced a number of changes to bring the scheme for the Temporary Emergency…

Houthoff | European Union | 23 Apr 2020

News Update Zorg | Week 17 - Specifieke toetsing van overnames in de zorg door buitenlandse investeerders?

In Europa wordt de roep om vitale sectoren te beschermen tegen overnames door buitenlandse investeerders steeds sterker. De vrees bestaat dat Europese…
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