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Goulston & Storrs is an Am Law 200 law firm, with offices in Boston, New York and Washington, DC. With more than 200 lawyers across multiple…
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Goulston & Storrs PC | USA | 6 Sep 2023

To Deed, Or Not To Deed (That is the Question): The Pros and Cons of a Deed in Lieu

Amidst soaring interest rates and the recent swell in commercial real estate loan workouts, borrowers and lenders alike are increasingly considering…
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Goulston & Storrs PC | USA | 5 Sep 2023

A Retail Renaissance

When you hear the phrase “commercial real estate” these days, you can’t help but think of the slumping state of the office real estate market with…
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Goulston & Storrs PC | USA | 1 Sep 2023

How To Buy Distressed Commercial Property

Interest rates remain high, and for many markets and asset classes, prices have yet to fall. However, there’s at least one way real estate investors…
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Goulston & Storrs PC | USA | 22 Aug 2023

Massachusetts Court Allows Dueling Expert Testimony on Differing Theories of the Timing for the Valuation of Legal Malpractice Damages

The Superior Court recently ruled that a plaintiff in a legal malpractice action seeking recovery for damages resulting from his loss of corporate…
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Goulston & Storrs PC | USA | 21 Aug 2023

A Guide to the Corporate Transparency Act for Individuals with Closely-Held Businesses and State-Monitored Entities Created for their Estate Planning

In an effort to curb money laundering, tax evasion, and other corrupt activities conducted through shell companies and synthetic identities, the…
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