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At Phillips Lytle, we know only one approach to client service. It’s practiced by every one of our attorneys in each of our eight offices. It’s why…

Phillips Lytle LLP | USA | 1 Apr 2021

New York State Legalizes Marijuana for Adult Use

After many attempts and much debate, New York has become the 15th state to Legalize the adult use of recreational Marijuana. The State Senate and…

Phillips Lytle LLP | USA | 31 Mar 2021

Legalized Recreational Marijuana Use Comes to the New York State Workplace

On March 31, 2021, New York State Governor Andrew Cuomo signed the Marijuana Regulation and Taxation Act into law (“Cannabis Law”). The law, among…

Phillips Lytle LLP | USA | 31 Mar 2021

American Rescue Plan Act Mandates Temporary Subsidy of COBRA Premiums and Provides 100% Tax Credit

Among its many employment-related provisions, the American Rescue Plan Act of 2021 (ARPA) provides that…

Phillips Lytle LLP | USA | 25 Mar 2021

California Consumer Privacy Act Regulation Amendments Approved

The California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) is a comprehensive privacy law that may apply to businesses located in and outside of California. It was…

Phillips Lytle LLP | USA | 17 Mar 2021

COVID-19 Workplace Update for New York State Employers

As vaccinations and continued adherence to health and safety measures begin to speed the recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic, myriad legal changes…

Phillips Lytle LLP | USA | 9 Mar 2021

New York State Office of Renewable Energy Siting Streamlines and Expedites Deployment of Large-Scale Renewables

New York State continues to supercharge the deployment of renewable energy projects. Building on landmark legislation passed in 2019, New York State’s…

Phillips Lytle LLP | USA | 5 Mar 2021

Executive Forum: The future of our city

The pandemic bullied its way into the path of the renaissance that Western New York had been enjoying, slowing or stopping progress in business and…

Phillips Lytle LLP | USA | 23 Feb 2021

Attack on the Citadel of the New York State Employment-at-Will Doctrine

Since the 19th century, New York State has been known as the “citadel” of the employment-at-will doctrine. See Martin v. N.Y. Life Ins. Co., 148 N.Y…

Phillips Lytle LLP | USA | 21 Feb 2021

Broadcasts and Podcasts: Interview with NFALA

When NFALA de facto fashion advisor and data privacy rock star Anna Clark moved from the Philippines to the United States, she was old enough to have…

Phillips Lytle LLP | USA | 15 Feb 2021

New York State Public Service Commission Establishes Host Community Benefit Program

In an order issued on February 11, 2021, the New York State Public Service Commission (“Commission”) established a “host community benefit program”…
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