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Nexsen Pruet | USA | 8 Jul 2020

DHEC Issues Guidance to S.C. Employers on COVID-19 Exposure Scenarios

As the number of new reported cases continues to climb in South Carolina, employers in all industries are confronted with COVID-19 related challenges…

Nexsen Pruet | USA | 7 Jul 2020

Already? Conflicting Rulings on 2020 WOTUS Rule

The silence you are hearing is no one being surprised. The limits of the phrase "waters of the United States" within the Clean Water Act (CWA) have…

Nexsen Pruet | USA | 2 Jul 2020

EPA to Terminate Temporary COVID-19 Enforcement Policy

On June 29, 2020, the United States Environmental Protection Agency ("EPA") released an addendum to its previously announced COVID-19 Enforcement…

Nexsen Pruet | USA | 1 Jul 2020

North Carolina Opts-Out of Many of the Taxpayer Favorable Provisions of the CARES Act

In an effort to prevent further drain and strain on North Carolina's revenues Governor Roy Cooper signed H.B. 1080 (Sess. Law 2020-58) into law on…

Nexsen Pruet | Canada, Mexico, USA | 1 Jul 2020

United States - Mexico - Canada Agreement (USMCA)

The United States - Mexico - Canada Agreement (USMCA) goes into effect today, replacing the 25 year old NAFTA treaty. Updating NAFTA was one of the…

Nexsen Pruet | USA | 30 Jun 2020

NC Legislative Update for June 30, 2020

The General Assembly wrapped up the majority of its work for the 2020 short session last week in the early hours of Friday morning. The adjournment…

Nexsen Pruet | USA | 29 Jun 2020

Hamilton Barber Discusses Procuring the Proper Personal Protective Equipment

Over the past several months, healthcare workers in the United States have provided care to hundreds of thousands of COVID-19 patients. To protect…

Nexsen Pruet | USA | 29 Jun 2020

Employers’ Great Balancing Act in Reopening: An Update for Employers on Returning to Work

Employers starting to reopen and return employees to work are wrestling with unprecedented and difficult business decisions while continuing to…

Nexsen Pruet | USA | 29 Jun 2020

What Should Businesses Tell Employees and Third Parties When an Employee Tests Positive for COVID19?

As COVID-19 continues to spread rapidly, it is becoming more likely that, at some point, every employer in the country will be faced with the…

Nexsen Pruet | USA | 29 Jun 2020

Sam Johnson Discusses COVID-19 Issues in SC That Impact How Our Clients Do Business

As we continue to battle COVID-19, there are issues before state lawmakers and local elected officials that impact how our clients do business - and…
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