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Burns & Levinson LLP | USA | 20 Feb 2020

Marital Lifestyle is Not a Factor to be Considered in Deviation from Alimony Durational Limits

In 2011, the Alimony Reform Act determined that alimony is “the payment of support from one spouse, who has the ability to pay, to a spouse in need


Burns & Levinson LLP | USA | 19 Feb 2020

A Search for Yield - Cannabis, Capital, and Credit

As highlighted in a previous blog post, a few months ago at Burns & Levinson’s Third Annual State of the Cannabis Industry Conference, several


Burns & Levinson LLP | USA | 12 Feb 2020

Checking in on the SAFE Banking Act

While the legalization of medical and recreational marijuana continues to build momentum across the U.S., access to banking and other financial


Burns & Levinson LLP | USA | 6 Feb 2020

CBD as a Dietary Supplement - A Potential Regulatory Avenue for Retail Hemp Operators Selling THC Extracts

On January 13, 2020, Representative Collin Peterson, the Chairman of the House Agricultural Committee, introduced a new bipartisan bill, H.R.5587


Burns & Levinson LLP | USA | 30 Jan 2020

Actual Notice Via Email Is Not Always Sufficient

In another post, I discussed how an email can satisfy the signature requirements of the Statute of Frauds. Nevertheless, an email is not always


Burns & Levinson LLP | USA | 29 Jan 2020

New York Legislature Optimistic to Legalize Recreational Cannabis in 2020

New York is gearing up to become the 12th US state to legalize recreational cannabis, and the 2nd US state to do so by way of legislative measure (as


Burns & Levinson LLP | USA | 23 Jan 2020

Merger and Survival of Divorce Agreements

When parties to a Massachusetts divorce settle their differences and come to an agreement, they enter into a written settlement document, commonly


Burns & Levinson LLP | USA | 22 Jan 2020

Stuck in the Weeds with Massachusetts HCAs

A few years ago, the Commonwealth was considered an East Coast cannabis trailblazer for legalizing adult-use cannabis in 2016. However, there is


Burns & Levinson LLP | USA | 16 Jan 2020

Planning Around Your Child’s Partner

We all love our in-laws, right? (wink, wink) Shielding your hard-earned assets from a child’s spouse in the event of divorce is a critical component


Burns & Levinson LLP | USA | 15 Jan 2020

Raising Capital in the Cannabis Industry: Fundraising Do’s and Don’ts

Last year proved challenging for companies seeking to raise capital in the cannabis industry. The capital markets tightened and available funding

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