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Bass, Berry & Sims PLC | USA | 25 Sep 2020

DOL Issues Another Round of Guidance on FFCRA

On September 11, in response to a New York federal district court striking down some of the Department of Labor (DOL) regulations regarding the…

Bass, Berry & Sims PLC | USA | 22 Sep 2020

HRSA Releases Details on Provider Relief Fund Reporting Requirements

The Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) quietly released a Post-Payment Notice of Reporting Requirements (Notice) over the weekend…

Bass, Berry & Sims PLC | USA | 21 Sep 2020

How Public Companies Can Protect Against SEC Scrutiny Related to COVID-19

This is a continuation of our series addressing steps companies can take to protect themselves during government enforcement actions related to…

Bass, Berry & Sims PLC | USA | 18 Sep 2020

Recent Tennessee Construction Cases Regarding Effects of Unlicensed Contracting and “Time is of the Essence” Clauses in Contracts

While neither of the recent cases discussed below establishes new law, they serve as good reminders of principles and requirements that can be…

Bass, Berry & Sims PLC | USA | 11 Sep 2020

Recent SEC Comment Letters of Interest Regarding COVID-19 Adjustments, SAB 99 and South Korea

Subscribers to our blog know that we monitor EDGAR for new SEC comment letters and enjoy bringing attention to the more interesting ones. In today’s…

Bass, Berry & Sims PLC | USA | 2 Sep 2020

Reimbursement and Liability Implications of Not Pursuing an Emergency Use Authorization for COVID-19 Laboratory-Developed Tests

In an unprecedented move touted as necessary to address the COVID-19 testing shortage, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) made a…

Bass, Berry & Sims PLC | USA | 1 Sep 2020

CMS Proposes Telehealth Updates to the 2021 Medicare Physician Fee Schedule

On August 3, the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) released its proposed Medicare Physician Fee Schedule (MPFS) updates for the 2021…

Bass, Berry & Sims PLC | USA | 31 Aug 2020

Penalties for COVID-19 Reporting Failures and Other New CMS Rules on Mandatory Testing and Ordering Limits

Anyone conducting COVID-19 testing - whether using point of care or high complexity tests - should take note. On August 25, the Centers for Medicare &…

Bass, Berry & Sims PLC | USA | 31 Aug 2020

Practical Takeaways on SEC Amended Disclosure Requirements for Business Description, Legal Proceedings and Risk Factors under Regulation S-K

On August 26, the SEC voted to adopt amendments to modernize the description of business (Item 101), legal proceedings (Item 103), and risk factor…

Bass, Berry & Sims PLC | USA | 27 Aug 2020

Updated Risk Factors in Response to COVID-19

Following up on our prior blog post regarding first quarter COVID-19 risk factor disclosure considerations and our prior blog post regarding second…
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