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Skrine is one of the largest legal firms in the country with a sterling global reputation, and a wide range of highly-regarded practice groups. Skrine…

SKRINE | Malaysia | 2 Aug 2021

Securities Commission takes enforcement actions against Binance

The Securities Commission Malaysia (“SC”) announced on 30 July 2021 that it has initiated enforcement actions against Binance, one of the largest…

SKRINE | Malaysia | 30 Jul 2021

BNM issues Policy Document on Recovery Planning

On 28 July 2021, Bank Negara Malaysia (“BNM”) issued the Policy Document on Recovery Planning (“Policy Document”) which came into effect immediately…

SKRINE | European Union, Malaysia, United Kingdom | 29 Jul 2021

Brexit: Attack of the Trademark Clones

The United Kingdom (“UK”) left the European Union (“EU”) on 31 January 2020, a move commonly known as Brexit. As part of the Brexit process, a…

SKRINE | Malaysia | 28 Jul 2021

Data Protection & Privacy in Malaysia


SKRINE | Malaysia | 27 Jul 2021

Bursa Malaysia seeks feedback on Proposals relating to Directors of Main Market and ACE Market Companies

Bursa Malaysia Berhad (‘the Exchange’) released Consultation Paper No. 1/2021 on the Proposed Amendments to the Main Market and ACE Market Listing…

SKRINE | Malaysia | 26 Jul 2021

CIDB Reimplements COVID-19 Initiatives for Local Contractors

The Construction Industry Development Board of Malaysia (‘CIDB’) had on 7 May 2020 introduced initiatives to ease the burden of construction industry…

SKRINE | European Union, Malaysia | 26 Jul 2021

Collusion to limit or control technological development may be anti-competitive

The European Union handed down €875 million in fines against four major German automakers on 8 July 2021, saying that they had “colluded to limit the…

SKRINE | Malaysia | 23 Jul 2021

High-Five for MDEC’s DIF5 Strategy?

The Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation (“MDEC”), the country’s lead agency in digital transformation, announced its Digital Investments Future5…

SKRINE | Malaysia | 22 Jul 2021

Federal Territories Fatwa: Sale of Products using Verses of the Quran for Commercial Use

Key Contact: Following the 105th meeting of the Federal Territory Syarak Law Consultative Committee on 3O November 2017, the Mufti for the Federal…

SKRINE | Malaysia | 22 Jul 2021

To be held Solvent or Insolvent: This is the Test

In its recent decision, Sun Electric Power Pte Ltd v RMCA Asia Pte Ltd (formerly known as Tong Teik Pte Ltd) [2021] SGCA 60, the…
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