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McMillan is a leading business law firm serving public, private and not-for-profit clients across key industries in Canada, the United States and…

McMillan LLP | Canada | 21 Jun 2021

Registering Copyrights as They Arise May Improve Chances of Future Success at Trial

Many Companies only consider registering the copyright in their works at the time that a potential dispute arises. Based on the recent case, Patterned…

McMillan LLP | Canada | 21 Jun 2021

Land Use Compatibility, Odour Guidelines and More: Ontario Ministry of Environment, Conservation and Parks Announces Four New Proposals for 2021

The Ontario Ministry of Environment, Conservation and Parks (MECP) has announced that it is moving forward with proposals for four new initiatives to…

McMillan LLP | Canada | 17 Jun 2021

ICMA Green Bond Principles Undergo Minor Facelift

Since its first publication in 2014 by a group of banks, the Green Bond Principles ("GBPs") have gained wide market acceptance as shown by the US$305…

McMillan LLP | Canada, United Kingdom, USA | 15 Jun 2021

Will BC’s UNDRIP action plan create compliance challenges under the US Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, the UK Bribery Act or the Criminal Code of Canada?

Government news releases issued on a Friday are known to receive the least attention - and thus warrant the most scrutiny. On Friday, June 11, 2021…

McMillan LLP | Canada | 15 Jun 2021

Ontario Repeals Canadian Residency Requirement for Directors

In October 2020, we reported that the Ontario government had proposed amendments to Ontario's Business Corporations Act (the "OBCA") that would…

McMillan LLP | Canada | 14 Jun 2021

Québec Class action - What’s new? Examination of the defendant at the authorization stage

In Québec, a defendant in a class action who wishes to introduce evidence at the pre-authorization stage by way of an affidavit must first obtain the…

McMillan LLP | Canada | 14 Jun 2021

Another Franchisor Freshly Squeezed by Material Deficiencies in its Disclosure Document

The Ontario Superior Court's recent decision in 2611707 Ontario Inc., et al v. Freshly Squeezed Franchise Juice Corporation, et al., 2021 ONSC 2323…

McMillan LLP | Canada | 14 Jun 2021

June 2021 Update: British Columbia’s New Registry of Beneficial Ownership

Now that the Land Owner Transparency Registry (the “LOTR”) is searchable by the public, it is important to understand the scope of its use, and its…

Cartel Regulation

Editor: Dr. A. Neil Campbell

McMillan LLP

Cartel Regulation addresses the most important issues practitioners face to mitigate the fines imposed on clients under the scrutiny of antitrust authorities. Expert local insight into cartel regulation worldwide, covering crucial questions such as: relevant legislation and substantive law,industry-specific offences and defences, steps in an investigation, investigative powers, international cooperation, interplay between jurisdictions, adjudication, appeal process, criminal, civil and administrative sanctions, private damage claims and class actions, recent penalties, sentencing guidelines, leniency and immunity programmes, defending a case and getting the fine down.


McMillan LLP | Canada | 11 Jun 2021

CERB Payments Deductible from Wrongful Dismissal Damages

The Covid-19 pandemic has had a drastic impact on Canadian businesses, and resulted in many Canadian employers resorting to terminations and layoffs…
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