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Robins Kaplan LLP | USA | 19 Feb 2020

Financial Daily Dose 2.19.2020 Top Story: Arguments Begin Regarding Facebook’s 2010 Tax Bill

On Tuesday, a U.S. federal Tax Court began hearing arguments regarding Facebook’s 2010 tax bill. The IRS valued Facebook at $13.8 billion, while


Robins Kaplan LLP | USA | 12 Feb 2020

California Appeals Court Opines on Interplay Between Employment Discrimination Claims and Anti-SLAPP Laws

A California appellate court last week issued a decision in Wilson v. CNN, applying and interpreting the scope of last year’s Supreme Court ruling in


Robins Kaplan LLP | USA | 10 Feb 2020

“Pound Cake” Sampling Is Fair Use According to the Second Circuit

Drake prevails again - this time at the Second Circuit. On February 3, 2020, the Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit upheld the district court’s


Robins Kaplan LLP | USA | 28 Jan 2020

DraftKings Participant Files Proposed Class Action Over Sign-Stealing

A fantasy baseball participant filed a putative class action against the MLB and one of its affiliates, the Houston Astros, and the Boston Red SOX


Robins Kaplan LLP | USA | 8 Jan 2020

Facing the Music: Protecting Photography in the Age of Instagram

Social media, much like the internet, is a double-edged sword. Nowhere is this more evident than through the lens of Instagram and copyright


Robins Kaplan LLP | USA | 30 Dec 2019

Chris Cornell’s Widow Sues Soundgarden for Copyrights to Unreleased Songs

The widow of the late Soundgarden frontman, Chris Cornell, has sued the band, its members, and business managers for copyright ownership of


Robins Kaplan LLP | USA | 19 Dec 2019

Pixel Perfect: The Legal Implications of Virtual Influencers and Supermodels

Is traditional advertising Dying in the Digital Era? Not only is offline marketing facing a slow death (goodbye, classifieds!), but companies are


Robins Kaplan LLP | USA | 16 Dec 2019

2019 year in review

The year 2019 brought us new and ongoing developments, some modern and some mundane, ranging from futurelooking contemplation of electronic wills to


Robins Kaplan LLP | USA | 21 Nov 2019

What’s Happening? The Impact of FRE 902(14) on eDiscovery.

In general, the comprehensive and widely-used FRE 902 allows certain self-authenticating evidence to be admitted without extrinsic evidence of


Robins Kaplan LLP | USA | 15 Nov 2019

Empire State of Mind: New York Bad Faith Update

While there remains no bad faith cause of action in New York, a recent Appellate Division case out of the First Department makes plain that an

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