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SORAINEN | Belarus, Estonia, Latvia, etc. | 21 Jan 2021

What kind of law firms will be most successful in 2021?

The true testament of the success of any service firm is, of course, client satisfaction, so it helps to know what it is that clients want. Since…

SORAINEN | Belarus, Estonia, Latvia, etc. | 19 Jan 2021

Latest intellectual property highlights in Baltics and Belarus

Our Intellectual Property (IP) team will tell you about examples of the problems that companies from different industries faced last year, about…

SORAINEN | Latvia | 12 Jan 2021

Latvia: Changes to the regulation of insolvency proceedings

On 23 December 2020, amendments to the Latvian Law on the Suppression of Consequences of the Spread of COVID-19 Infection (the “Latvian Covid-19…

SORAINEN | Belarus, United Kingdom | 21 Dec 2020

Why should you consult a lawyer when managing your wealth and private affairs?

Have you heard of a colleague who has been through years of struggle to find out what assets in foreign countries belonged to his father? Yes, he had…

SORAINEN | Lithuania | 21 Dec 2020

Sustainable finance - an emerging area of finance. How will it affect Lithuania?

In the context of the European Green Deal, the Paris Climate Agreement and other international initiatives to combat climate change, sustainable…

SORAINEN | Lithuania | 15 Dec 2020

Tax measures available for businesses until the end of the year

One of the main tools to help businesses survive difficult times is tax deferral, which is still available to companies affected by Covid-19. They…

SORAINEN | Belarus, Estonia, European Union, etc. | 11 Dec 2020

Protected: Update on COVID-19 vaccine, it’s accessibility and the new pharmaceutical strategy for Europe

As the second wave of coronavirus accelerates, increasing hope is being put into a COVID-19 vaccine. Good news has been spread recently in relation…

SORAINEN | Estonia, European Union | 11 Dec 2020

Protected: Can employees be required to vaccinate themselves against Covid-19 in Estonia?

The whole world is holding their breath and eagerly waiting for news regarding the availability of effective COVID-19 vaccines so that societies and…

SORAINEN | Lithuania | 8 Dec 2020

New quarantine restrictions apply as of 9 December 2020: what employers should know

After assessing the epidemiological situation in Lithuania, the Government has adopted additional restrictions on business, education, movement of…

SORAINEN | Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania | 25 Nov 2020

Service sector provided most Baltic M&A targets

The Baltic mergers and acquisitions (M&A) market is in full swing, with companies from the service and retail sector changing hands most actively…
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