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Rouse was established in the UK in 1990 and is recognized as a global Intellectual Property leader operating as a closely integrated network with more…
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Rouse | Thailand | 16 Feb 2024

Navigating Trade Mark Challenges: Thailand's Madrid Protocol Journey

In 2017, Thailand welcomed the Madrid Protocol system with high hopes for Streamlining international trade mark registration. However, the journey has…
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Rouse | Indonesia | 16 Feb 2024

An analysis of trademark oppositions in Indonesia and 2024 predictions

With a population of 278 million, Indonesia remains an important market for many businesses. Every year, the country receives around 100,000 domestic…
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Rouse | China | 5 Feb 2024

How to avoid trade marks being cancelled in China

In recent years, trademark applicants in China have encountered an increasing number of unexpected rejections, with reasons including the mark being…
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Rouse | Hong Kong | 1 Feb 2024

Hong Kong: Protection of Unregistered Trade Marks

Successfully opposing a trade mark application on the basis of pre-existing unregistered trade mark rights is notoriously difficult in Hong Kong, but…
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Rouse | Myanmar | 31 Jan 2024

Industrial designs can now be filed in Myanmar

Following the Notification No. 71/2023 of October 27, 2023, and Notification No. 2/2023 of December 29, 2023, the issuance of the required forms for…
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Rouse | China | 26 Jan 2024

News & Cases from China: December 2023

The revised Rules for Implementation of the Patent Law of the People's Republic of China (the Rules) consists of 13 chapters and 149 articles and came…
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