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LALIVE | Global | 15 Mar 2021

The 2021 ICC Arbitration Rules - what revised joinder and consolidation rules mean for construction disputes

The most notable change in the new 2021 International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) Arbitration Rules, which are applicable to all ICC arbitrations…

LALIVE | Switzerland | 4 Oct 2020

Asset Recovery in Switzerland

Lexology Learn audio PRO In-house

LALIVE | Global, OECD, USA | 2 Jul 2020

Lexology GTDT – Risk & Compliance Management 2020: Global Trends

Daniel Bühr, a partner with LALIVE (, looks at the ever-increasing legal requirements on corporates globally regarding their risk and compliance management. Lexology GTDT Risk & Compliance Management 2020 can be accessed at

LALIVE | Argentina, Brazil, France, etc. | 2 Jul 2020

Lexology GTDT - Risk & Compliance Management 2020: Global Trends

The 2020 edition of Risk & Compliance Management reflects the globally quickly growing legal requirements on corporates regarding their risk and…

LALIVE | Switzerland | 28 Jun 2020

Sovereign Immunity in Switzerland


LALIVE | Switzerland | 28 May 2020

Preventive approach to incapacity issues

The COVID-19 pandemic has placed issues of life and death at the forefront of people's minds, with many people requiring intensive medical care which…

Risk & Compliance Management

Editor: Daniel Lucien Bühr


Risk & Compliance Management addresses the growing awareness in organisations of their legal risks and of the pressing need for diligent risk management. Topics covered include: definitions, laws, standards and guidelines; principal regulatory and enforcement bodies; risk and compliance governance obligations for the private and public sector; administrative and regulatory consequences for deficiencies; senior management civil and criminal liability for breach of obligations; corporate compliance defence; recent cases of risk and compliance management failures.


LALIVE | Switzerland | 13 Apr 2020

Risk & Compliance Management in Switzerland


LALIVE | Switzerland | 9 Apr 2020

Art-secured lending: maximising liquidities opportunities for private art collectors

With COVID-19, investors who are facing cash calls and liquidity squeezes in other asset classes might be looking to realise some liquidity from their…

LALIVE | Global | 6 Apr 2020

Three practical steps to protect your legal position on COVID-19 disruptions

All parties involved in construction projects - including contractors, employers, subcontractors and suppliers - should consider what steps they can…
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