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As an international law firm with innovation in our DNA, Sullivan attracts clients that are visionaries, trailblazers and game changers. Established…
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Sullivan & Worcester LLP | USA | 6 Mar 2023

Winter 2023 Employment and Benefits Updates

As part of a large year-end piece of legislation, the provisions known as SECURE 2.0 Act of 2022 ("SECURE 2.0") were enacted into law. SECURE 2.0…
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Sullivan & Worcester LLP | USA | 3 Mar 2023

Pensions & Retirement Plans in USA

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Sullivan & Worcester LLP | USA | 14 Dec 2022

Caught in a Revolving Door: The Supreme Court Determines Who Owes Honest Services

It is no secret that the modern U.S. Supreme Court has regarded enforcement of federal anti-corruption laws with a deep concern for constitutional…
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Sullivan & Worcester LLP | USA | 28 Nov 2022

Zero Degrees Celsius: The Effects of a "Crypto Winter" and Celsius’ Bankruptcy on Crypto Customers

The Celsius Network was conceptualized as an alternative to conventional banking, offering its customers return rates of up to 20% on deposits of…

Sullivan & Worcester LLP | USA | 23 Nov 2022

Managing Potential Disputes: Strategies for Effective Resolution and Avoiding Common Pitfalls

At this Trade & Export Finance Webinar on November 23, 2022, Marian Boyle provided tips to avoid getting into disputes and on managing the early…
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