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Wolf Theiss | Austria | 3 Feb 2020

Are trading platforms for crypto assets regulated in Austria?

While the topics of: (a) how crypto assets are qualified; and (b) their issuance under applicable capital markets and financial regulatory aspects


Wolf Theiss | Austria, European Union | 30 Jan 2020

CPV-codes: neue vorgaben seit 15.01.2020 zu beachten

Aufgrund einer Entscheidung der Europäischen Kommission ist bei der Bekanntmachung von Vergabeverfahren künftig darauf zu achten, dass der im


Wolf Theiss | United Kingdom, European Union | 28 Jan 2020

Europäischer datenschutztag - ausblick auf 2020

Heute findet der Europäische Datenschutztag statt. Ziel dieses im Jahr 2006 auf Initiative des Europarats ins Leben gerufenen Tages, an dem sich


Wolf Theiss | United Kingdom, European Union | 28 Jan 2020

European data Protection Day - outlook for 2020

Today is European Data Protection Day, and businesses are facing more challenges than ever ensuring compliance with various standards. 2020 promises


Wolf Theiss | Hungary | 23 Jan 2020

Változások a munkaviszonnyal kapcsolatos jogszabályokba

Követve az elmúlt évek tendenciáját, az év kezdete változásokat hozott a foglalkoztatással kapcsolatos jogszabályokban, amely változások


Wolf Theiss | Serbia | 23 Jan 2020

Amendments to the Personal Income Tax Law in Serbia impact independent "entrepreneurs"

The Serbian Parliament enacted the Amendments to the Personal Income Tax (PIT) Law in December 2019 (published in the "Official Gazette of the


Wolf Theiss | USA, European Union, Germany | 21 Jan 2020

Are legislators too slow to respond to digital trends?

Sometimes called the Fourth Industrial Revolution, digitalization has already reached almost every aspect of our lives. Starting with a smart alarm


Wolf Theiss | Global | 21 Jan 2020

The digital estate - planning for the modern age

We all own more and more intangible assets, particularly in the context of the digital age


Wolf Theiss | Slovakia | 14 Jan 2020

Companies in Slovakia must register their UBO to stay in line with legal changes

Slovakia's implementation of the EU's 4th AML Directive imposed a new obligation on legal entities registered with the Commercial Register to


Wolf Theiss | Austria | 8 Jan 2020

Amendments to the rules for registering Ultimate Beneficial Owners in Austria will go into effect on 10 January 2020

Based on the "EU-Finanz-Anpassungsgesetz 2019 ", the Austrian legislature has issued several amendments to the Act on the Register of Ultimate

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