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For more than two decades, Al Suwaidi & Company has built its prestigious reputation by successfully representing high net worth individuals and…

Al Suwaidi & Company | United Arab Emirates | 26 Nov 2020

UAE Companies Law to Allow 100% Foreign Ownership in UAE

Foreign nationals can now own 100% of companies within the onshore jurisdiction of the UAE, which previously required 51% Emirati ownership to…
Press release

Al Suwaidi & Company | United Arab Emirates | 14 Sep 2020

Dubai Land Department Partners With Al Suwaidi & Company On Real Estate Lawyer Initiative

Al Suwaidi & Company is one of the selected law firms in the UAE to partner with the Dubai Land Department (“DLD”) on the Real Estate Lawyer…

Al Suwaidi & Company | United Arab Emirates | 7 Sep 2020

Knowing and understanding the UAE Courts system: a comparison of the legal civil procedures between the DIFC and Dubai Court’s systems

Over the past 14 years Dubai has embraced both civil and common law legal systems within its Borders. In order to understand the concepts involved I…

Al Suwaidi & Company | United Arab Emirates | 18 Aug 2020

Does COVID-19 really result in a force majeure claim under FIDIC?

Now that many construction and engineering contracts have recommenced after a period of shut down or slow down due to the issues surrounding Covid-19…

Al Suwaidi & Company | United Arab Emirates | 13 Aug 2020

Measures taken to protect the Insurance sector in the UAE: Resolutions of the Insurance Authority further to the coronavirus pandemic

N the backdrop of a worldwide health crisis brought about by the novel coronavirus (COVID-19), the Insurance Authority in the UAE took a number of…

Al Suwaidi & Company | India, United Arab Emirates | 29 Jul 2020

Be aware: defaulters in UAE may be pursued in India

In a historical development of India and UAE relationship, UAE Judgment will be recognized and enforceable in India based on reciprocity as per the…

Al Suwaidi & Company | United Arab Emirates | 10 Jun 2020

Have you filed your Economic Substance Regulation notification? All Licensees in the UAE must “notify” by the 30th June deadline and certain businesses engaged in “relevant activities” must further report

The purpose of the Regulations is to ensure that UAE entities that undertake certain activities are not used to artificially attract profits…

Al Suwaidi & Company | United Arab Emirates | 4 May 2020

In the UAE, is the spread of the coronavirus considered as a force majeure in construction contracts?

The question which many in the construction industry are asking during this time, is whether the current pandemic can be deemed a force majeure event…

Al Suwaidi & Company | United Arab Emirates | 26 Apr 2020

Business integrity in the time of pandemic: what can businesses in the UAE do to protect their people and business? | al suwaidi & company

During these uniquely challenging times, businesses are poised to react to sudden changes in the market. As businesses navigate through new waters…

Al Suwaidi & Company | United Arab Emirates | 5 Apr 2020

Focus: Commercial Property: does the current pandemic give rise to claims for the non-payment of commercial rent?

The impact of the Coronavirus has been felt across all sectors, and on a global scale. Life has been interrupted on a social and economic level. The…
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