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Castegnaro | Luxembourg | 28 Apr 2023

Labour & Employment in Luxembourg

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Castegnaro | Luxembourg | 1 Mar 2023

Employment Law: Luxembourg

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Castegnaro | Luxembourg | 27 Apr 2022

New covid-19 checking scheme adopted

The Chamber of Deputies recently adopted a new law that amends the modified law on measures to combat the covid-19 pandemic. This new law stipulates the abolition of the 3G (ie, vaccinated, recovered or tested) scheme in the workplace and company canteens and restaurants. In addition to these changes, the obligation to wear a mask has been abolished.
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Castegnaro | Luxembourg | 13 Apr 2022

Law on leave for family reasons extended

The Luxembourg government recently submitted to the Chamber of Deputies a bill to extend the exemptions introduced by the amended law on leave for family reasons. Since the enactment of the amended law, employees can claim leave if they have a vulnerable child, a child under the age of 13, who, for reasons connected to the covid-19 pandemic, cannot go to school or a care setting, or who......
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Castegnaro | Luxembourg | 10 Nov 2021

Legitimate exercise of hierarchical power versus moral harassment

To what extent can the actions of a superior in a company hierarchy towards a subordinate be qualified as moral harassment? How can a superior's powers of direction, control and punishment be distinguished from acts of moral harassment that could justify their dismissal? A March 2021 Court of Appeal decision provides some guidance on these matters.
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Castegnaro | Luxembourg | 20 Oct 2021

Bill on right to disconnect

Recently, Bill 7890, which modifies the Labour Code to introduce a provision on the right to disconnect, was submitted to the Chamber of Deputies. The Bill largely reflects the Economic and Social Council's opinion of 30 April 2021 on the right to disconnect and intends to modify the Labour Code, most notably by introducing a new section into the chapter devoted to the employer's obligations......
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Castegnaro | Luxembourg | 4 Aug 2021

Economic and Social Council issues opinion on adding right to disconnect article to Labour Code

The Economic and Social Council recently issued an opinion recommending the addition of a new article to the Labour Code on "respect for the right to disconnect". This article would cover certain provisions pertaining to the obligation to define a right to disconnect scheme, its implementation and contents and any penalties applicable.
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