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Castegnaro | Luxembourg | 18 Dec 2019

Can an employee justify their immediate resignation due to imperfect management of company?

The Court of Appeal has ruled that employers' decisions regarding their economic policy, internal organisation and operating procedures cannot justify


Castegnaro | Luxembourg | 11 Dec 2019

Moral harassment in the workplace: what is Luxembourg's stance?

The International Labour Conference recently adopted Convention 190 on Violence and Harassment at Work, which reminds member states of their


Castegnaro | Luxembourg, European Union | 4 Dec 2019

Employee surveillance in GDPR era

Following the introduction of the EU General Data Protection Regulation, employers are no longer obliged to notify and receive prior authorisation


Castegnaro | Luxembourg | 19 Nov 2019

Draft law amends right to leave for family reasons and clarifies reclassification provisions

A bill amending articles of the Labour Code relating to family leave and professional reclassification was recently tabled in the Chamber of Deputies


Castegnaro | Luxembourg | 9 Oct 2019

Court recognises employees' right to disconnect when on leave

As new information and communication Technologies continue to be developed, employees are increasingly connected to their business phones or computers


Castegnaro | Luxembourg | 2 Oct 2019

Professional training reform

A new law has incorporated the Modified Law of 19 December 2008's provisions on apprenticeship and internship contracts into the Labour Code and


Castegnaro | Luxembourg | 14 Aug 2019

Minimum social wage increased

Following recent amendments to Article L 222-9 of the Labour Code, the monthly minimum social wage for a non-qualified employee paid per month has


Castegnaro | Luxembourg | 17 Jul 2019

GDPR: one year on

Luxembourg implemented the EU General Data Protection Regulation through the Law on the Organisation of Luxembourg's National Commission for Data


Castegnaro | Luxembourg | 3 Jul 2019

Can employees who fail to complete their trial period claim bonuses?

In addition to an employee's basic monthly remuneration, employment contracts often provide for the payment of various bonuses or gratuities, the


Castegnaro | Luxembourg | 5 Jun 2019

Changes to co-financing of vocational training

The Law of 29 August 2017 reformed the system under which the government co-Finances employee vocational training in order to encourage employers to

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