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Reed Smith LLP | USA | 3 Jul 2020

Taxotere Plaintiffs Taken Down By Their Own Expert — Again

One recent night, three-plus months into our ongoing solitary confinement, we found ourselves laughing very hard at a classic Road Runner cartoon. We…

Reed Smith LLP | USA | 2 Jul 2020

Distressed assets - opportunity for a bargain but pitfalls abound

Purchasing or investing in distressed businesses gives rise to complexities and considerations that are not typically present in ‘good book’ deals…

Reed Smith LLP | USA | 2 Jul 2020

An English Lesson From An Essure Case

Not long ago, an EPL (evil plaintiff lawyer) relayed to us that, based on reading our posts, another EPL had assumed we had a particular political…

Reed Smith LLP | China, Hong Kong, USA | 2 Jul 2020

U.S. authorities impose export restrictions on Hong Kong, sanctions appear imminent in latest U.S.-China trade developments

On June 29, 2020, the U.S. Departments of State and Commerce each announced the revocation of certain export control regulations that afforded…

Reed Smith LLP | Spain | 1 Jul 2020

Would you pay €30k for cookies?

OK, while this is not exactly HOT of the press, it is still warm! Early last month the Spanish data protection regulator fined Twitter €30k for…

Reed Smith LLP | European Union, United Kingdom | 1 Jul 2020

All about that baseline: Developments in the UK ETS and the CORSIA emissions baseline

The landscape of environmental regulation is changing for aviation operators, due to a powerful combination of global pressures to reduce emissions…

Reed Smith LLP | Singapore | 1 Jul 2020

The Singapore Variable Capital Company - A new tool in the box for asset managers

The Singapore Variable Capital Company (commonly referred to as VCC) is a new type of investment fund vehicle that aims to further strengthen and…

Reed Smith LLP | USA | 1 Jul 2020

Regulators are watching: an update on New York City and other price gouging laws

The New York City Department of Consumer Affairs recently adopted a permanent rule declaring as unconscionable price gouging of goods and services…

Reed Smith LLP | USA | 1 Jul 2020

The Second Circuit Puts the Lotion Claim in the Preemption Basket

Why does that last half-inch of conditioner seem to last as long as the entire rest of the bottle? This question is merely the philosophical…

Reed Smith LLP | USA | 1 Jul 2020

The Third and Sixth Circuit clarify when arbitrators decide arbitrability

In Richardson v. Coverall N. America, Inc. (Richardson)1 and Blanton v. Domino’s Pizza Franchising LLC (Blanton)2 the United States Courts of Appeals…
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