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Torkin Manes LLP | Canada | 19 Feb 2020

Account for RESPs in any separation agreement, or risk getting taught a lesson in court

Throughout Canada, a divorced parent’s child support obligation includes the sharing of a child’s special or extraordinary expenses. Those expenses


Torkin Manes LLP | Canada | 14 Feb 2020

Location really is everything when it comes to dividing family property amid bankruptcy

Resolving the way a separated couple’s property is dealt with can be complicated, but it gets even more complex if one of the spouses declares


Torkin Manes LLP | Canada | 12 Feb 2020

IP Addresses No Longer Protected in Alberta

In a surprising decision, the Court of Queen’s Bench of Alberta recently held in R. V. Bykovets that there is no reasonable expectation of privacy in


Torkin Manes LLP | Canada | 5 Feb 2020

How Do Courts Analyze Tribunal Decisions? Supreme Court of Canada Ushers in a New Age of Judicial Review

When Courts are asked to scrutinize tribunal or administrative decisions, the first question is the standard of judicial review they should apply


Torkin Manes LLP | Canada | 3 Feb 2020

Is it Time to Update Your Employment Contracts?

For Canadian employers, one of the most important purposes of written employment contracts is to lawfully limit the amount of notice or compensation


Torkin Manes LLP | Canada | 30 Jan 2020

B.C. Court of Appeal sends a clear family law message in case of transgender teen

The B.C. Court of Appeal has provided a roadmap to dealing with an issue that is becoming part of the fabric of the modern Canadian family


Torkin Manes LLP | Canada | 22 Jan 2020

Beware the Zombie Software!

January 14th marked the end of Microsoft’s support for its Windows 7 product. Why is this date important? Because, following this date the software


Torkin Manes LLP | Canada | 17 Jan 2020

Workplace Policies That All Businesses Need

Ontario employers are required by law to have certain workplace policies in place at work. The policies that employers must have include the


Torkin Manes LLP | Canada | 16 Jan 2020

When Does a Plaintiff “Discover” a Claim in Ontario? A Principled Approach to Limitation Periods

Most civil actions in Ontario are subject to a two-year limitation period under section 4 of the Limitations Act, 2002, S.O. 2002, c.24, Sched. B (the


Torkin Manes LLP | Canada | 14 Jan 2020

Ontario’s Not-For-Profit Corporations Act - Further Delay

The Ontario Ministry of Government and Consumer Services (Ministry) recently released new information confirming further delay for Ontario's

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