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Piper Alderman | Australia | 9 Jul 2020

Are you currently a company director or plan to become one? Get ready for Director Identification Numbers

Recently enacted amendments to the Corporations Act have created a new “super registrar” and will require all current directors and persons who are to…

Piper Alderman | Australia, Canada | 7 Jul 2020

Blockchain Bites: Bank of Canada CBDC analysis, ASX delays CHESS replacement, Digital assets on the agenda at the CFTC and FCA, Telegram and SEC settlement

Canada’s central bank, the aptly named Bank of Canada (or Banque du Canada for our Québécois readers) (BOC) has released a set of comprehensive staff…

Piper Alderman | Australia | 7 Jul 2020

Landlord Update: Essential changes to retail and commercial leasing legislation in South Australia

The Retail and Commercial Leases (Miscellaneous) Amendment Act 2019 has significantly amended the Retail and Commercial Leases Act 1995 (RCLA). Many…

Piper Alderman | Australia | 6 Jul 2020

Further changes to labour hire licensing in South Australia: Is your business involved in “prescribed work”?

On 25 June 2020 the South Australian Parliament passed the Labour Hiring Licensing (Miscellaneous) Amendment Act 2020, which significantly adjusts the…

Piper Alderman | Australia | 30 Jun 2020

Zombie Reference Dates and Payment Claim Graveyards

Despite its innocent appearance, Section 8(1) of the Building and Construction Industry Security of Payment Act 1999 (NSW) (Act) has proven a complex…

Piper Alderman | Australia | 29 Jun 2020

Planning for the end of JobKeeper flexibility - revisiting Employee entitlement to access paid personal leave during stand down

Standing-down employees under the Fair Work Act 2009 provisions has been extensively explored early in 2020, prior to the introduction of JobKeeper…

Piper Alderman | Australia | 26 Jun 2020

Remobilising your workforce under JobKeeper - from hibernation to “covid-normal”

We consider options available to businesses re-mobilising workforces during the COVID-19 pandemic and lessons from a recent decision of the Fair Work…

Piper Alderman | Australia | 26 Jun 2020

New Financial Year, New Rates: Increases to Award Rates, Penalty Units and the High Income Threshold are Coming

With all of the uncertainty surrounding Australia’s economy due to the impacts of COVID-19, the Fair Work Commission’s 2020 annual wage review was…

Piper Alderman | Australia | 25 Jun 2020

Resources sector to be affected by new foreign investment (FIRB) rules

Foreign investment in the Australian resources sector will be affected by proposed changes to Australia’s foreign investment regime, set to be…

Piper Alderman | Australia | 25 Jun 2020

Mitigating cybersecurity threats in international arbitration

As the prevalence of malicious cyberattacks on government, international and private organisations have become more profound, parties and…
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