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Jenner & Block is defined by the exceptional results we produce, the values we share, the clients we serve and most importantly, our lawyers. Jenner &…

Jenner & Block LLP | USA | 4 May 2021

Government Contracts Legal Round-Up | 2021 Issue 8

Welcome to Jenner & Block’s Government Contracts Legal Round‑Up, a biweekly update on important government contracts developments. This update offers…

Jenner & Block LLP | USA | 4 May 2021

FTC Asks Congress: Restore Our Power to Protect Consumers

On April 27, 2021, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) testified before the Subcommittee on Consumer Protection and Commerce to support proposed…


Editors: Louis E. Fogel and Shaun M Van Horn

Jenner & Block LLP

Quick reference guide enabling side-by-side comparison of local insights into patent litigation and patent office procedures, including types of enforcement proceedings; trial format and timing; standards of proof; standing to sue; inducement / contributory infringement; infringement by foreign activities / by equivalents; discovery; litigation timetable and costs; appeals; scope and ownership of patents; alternative dispute resolution; defences of absolute novelty, obviousness, inventiveness or prior use; types of remedy; voluntary and compulsory licensing; patent office proceedings, including timetabling, costs, appeals, opposition, and modification / re-examination of patents; and recent trends.


Jenner & Block LLP | USA | 3 May 2021

Patents in USA


Jenner & Block LLP | USA | 30 Apr 2021

Recent Developments in Bankruptcy Law, April 2021

The debtor violated numerous state court orders in actions to recover amounts he misappropriated. The state court held him in contempt and imposed…

Jenner & Block LLP | USA | 29 Apr 2021

Biden Raises Minimum Wage for Federal Government Contract Workers to $15

President Biden is raising the minimum wage for workers under federal government contracts to $15. In an executive order on April 27, 2021, Biden…

Jenner & Block LLP | USA | 28 Apr 2021

FinCEN Seeks Public Comment on the Corporate Transparency Act’s Beneficial Owner Reporting Requirements

On April 5, 2021, the Financial Crime Enforcement Network (FinCEN), the enforcement arm of the United States Treasury, issued an Advance Notice of…

Jenner & Block LLP | USA | 23 Apr 2021

Earth Day 2021: CERCLA and RCRA in The Biden Administration: Elevating Climate Change and Environmental Justice in Addressing Hazardous Wastes

We close out the Corporate Environmental Lawyer Blog's weeklong celebration of Earth Day with the two federal programs aimed at cleaning up existing…

Jenner & Block LLP | USA | 23 Apr 2021

Supreme Court Limits FTC Authority to Obtain Disgorgement or Restitution, Rejecting Decades of Precedent

In a high-profile decision in AMG Capital Management, LLC v. Federal Trade Commission, No. 19-508 (Apr. 22, 2021), the US Supreme Court held that the…

Jenner & Block LLP | USA | 22 Apr 2021

Earth Day 2021: Biden’s American Jobs Plan Aims to End the Flow of Lead in Drinking Water

As the Corporate Environmental Lawyer Blog celebrates Earth Day, we turn to the important topic of drinking water. Drinking water, like the air we…
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