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Focused on sectors with the greatest complexities, legal intricacies and highest regulatory demands, we excel in delivering practical commercial…
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Dechert LLP | France | 30 May 2023

Copyright in France

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Dechert LLP | USA | 30 May 2023

BEA’s BE-12 Benchmark Survey of Foreign Direct Investments in the United States: Implications for U.S. Asset Managers

Financial services providers that are subsidiaries of a non-U.S. parent (or that have received substantial direct investment from abroad) should…
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Dechert LLP | USA | 30 May 2023

UK Judgment Highlights Risks of Seeking to "Short Circuit" Hedge Fund Payment Structures

On 25 April 2023, the English Court of Appeal reversed a decision of the High Court that found three senior former employees of an investment adviser…

Dechert LLP | USA | 25 May 2023

In the Legal Trenches with Crypto, Blockchain and Fintech - Real Life Examples of How Your Company May Be Affected

The mainstream adoption of blockchain and digital asset technology during the last decade has disrupted the financial services and banking industries…
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Dechert LLP | European Union | 25 May 2023

EU General Court examines data anonymisation and pseudonymisation

The EU General Court has overruled the European Data Protection Supervisor and held that pseudonymised data will not be personal data for the…

Dechert LLP | USA | 23 May 2023

Latest Episode: Episode 5 - Executive Compensation Considerations for a Successful IPO

Executive compensation plays a critical role in preparing for a successful IPO. In the fifth Episode of BioDech, our global life sciences broadcast…
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