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Cetinkaya is a full-service law firm based in Istanbul servicing local and international clients. Our lawyers have extensive expertise in advising on…

CETINKAYA | Turkey | 7 Apr 2021

Healthcare Series: 01 The Turkish Pharmaceutical Industry’s Regulatory Landscape

The pharmaceutical industry in Turkey has great potential and is notable for its high-tech manufacturing capability. The industry currently ranks 7th…

CETINKAYA | Turkey | 29 Mar 2021

Mining Companies in Turkey May Increasingly Face Compensation Claims Due to a Constitutional Court Judgment

The Turkish Constitutional Court recently ruled on a case involving compensation claims arising from property damage caused by mining activities. In…

CETINKAYA | Turkey | 29 Mar 2021

Was sagt die neue Verordnung über die Generalversammlung bei Aktiengesellschaften?

Aktiengesellschaften sind Kapitalgesellschaften die unter dem Türkischen Handelsgesetzbuch (‘‘THGB‘‘) geregelt werden. In der Türkei sind…

CETINKAYA | Turkey | 24 Mar 2021

The Turkish Competition Board Imposes Multiple Fines on Unilever Turkey

The Turkish Competition Board (“the Board”) announced its final decision in relation to its investigation against Unilever San. Ve Tic. Turk A.S…

CETINKAYA | Turkey | 23 Mar 2021

M&A Series: 01 Why Mergers & Acquisitions Compliance Due Diligence Can Be Life Saving

Due diligence (“DD”) is an integral part of Mergers and Acquisitions (“M&A”). It is a process in which a target entity's financial, operational, and…

CETINKAYA | Turkey | 22 Mar 2021

The Turkish Competition Authority Publishes Communique Introducing A New Commitment Mechanism

The latest amendment to the Law on Protection of Competition No. 4054 (“Law No. 4054”) has introduced a brand-new commitment mechanism designed to…

CETINKAYA | Turkey | 20 Mar 2021

Import Duties for Human Vaccines are Zeroed in Turkey

Import duties for human vaccines have been adjusted to zero and coronavirus vaccines are now included in the Customs Tariff Statistics Position with…

CETINKAYA | Saudi Arabia, Turkey | 18 Mar 2021

The Impact of Covid 19 on Construction Projects in Saudi Arabia

Covid-19 has greatly affected construction projects, not just in Saudi Arabia but all over the world. Parties involved in construction projects are…

CETINKAYA | Turkey | 16 Mar 2021

The Turkish Competition Authority Publishes De Minimis Principle Communique

Numbered 2021/3 ("the Communique") in the Official Gazette (Available in Turkish Only). The Communique sets forth the principles and scope of the de…

CETINKAYA | Turkey | 16 Mar 2021

Ankündigung der Menschenrechtsreform in der Türkei

Am 2. März 2021 kündigte der türkische Präsident Erdogan eine Reihe von Reformen an, die in den nächsten zwei Jahren, mit dem Ziel die derzeitigen…
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