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We can provide you with the detailed guidance you need to navigate the increasingly complex legal environment of the global economy. Our lawyers…

EY Law | European Union, Global | 27 Oct 2020

COVID-19 pandemic to disrupt consumer holiday shopping plans, according to EY Future Consumer Index

The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the transition to online shopping and its long-term adoption in certain product categories and…

EY Law | Global | 22 Oct 2020

How to capture the real e-commerce opportunity

The EY Future Consumer Index on behavior and sentiment identifies the scale, scope and stickiness of the deep pivot to online shopping. In Brief Four…

EY Law | Asia-Pacific | 19 Oct 2020

How Asia-Pacific must respond to the new, post-COVID-19 consumer

The changing preferences of Asia-Pacific consumers are creating opportunities for businesses that embrace an agile mindset.

EY Law | European Union | 19 Oct 2020

Why EU state aid is an important element of transaction strategy

It is important for businesses to make sure that the implementation of their transaction strategy is not negatively impacted by state aid.

EY Law | USA | 16 Oct 2020

How the Trump and Biden tax approaches compare

Biden would like to increase the corporate tax rate, while Trump would keep it the same or potentially lower.

EY Law | Global | 15 Oct 2020

Four ways boards can oversee risk management beyond COVID-19

Leading directors offer their insights into why COVID-19 requires a new attitude toward board risk oversight.

EY Law | OECD, USA | 15 Oct 2020

Post-2020 tax policy possibilities

The 2020 presidential election season has been anything but typical. Mainstay election issues are being viewed through a crisis lens:…

EY Law | USA | 14 Oct 2020

Four key public policy issues for cross-border businesses to consider

This article explores how the November election may influence policies relating to trade and restrictions on cross-border business.

EY Law | Global | 14 Oct 2020

Why it’s an exciting time for M&A in chemicals

Global trade disputes, tightening environmental regulations and structural challenges in key end markets have challenged the…

EY Law | Global | 12 Oct 2020

Three actions technology execs can take to unlock M&A cost synergies

Technology companies that link their integration strategies to synergy planning are usually rewarded with richer value creation opportunities. In…
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