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Helix is a multidisciplinary practice, combining legal and strategic services to help clients operating in the building and infrastructure industry…

Helix Legal | Australia | 19 Feb 2021

Regulators and the industry must partner up.

For the construction industry to build back better, there must be a genuine partnership between regulators and the industry. As I have stated in…

Helix Legal | Australia | 3 Feb 2021

Divergent SOP legislation is impeding efforts to build back better in 2021 .

As my CV demonstrates, I have a lot of skin in the game when it comes to the introduction of SOP legislation in Queensland. Four years of researching…

Helix Legal | Australia | 15 Jan 2021

The construction industry must build back better in 2021.

Emerging from the ruins of 2020, the construction industry has a unique opportunity to reset how it operates by establishing improved business and…

Helix Legal | Australia | 17 Dec 2020

Contractors should take a leaf out of Taylor Swift’s playbook by revealing more of their values.

I am intentionally being provocative to get people’s attention with such a heading. It has been a very taxing year for all of us and speaking for…

Helix Legal | Australia | 2 Nov 2020

It’s a matter of trust

In writing articles, I blend information with opinions I have on industry issues. My primary purpose in offering opinions is to generate conversations…

Helix Legal | Australia, United Kingdom | 8 Oct 2020

Insolvency and adjudication - has anyone got it right?

Globally, insolvency is one of the biggest issues facing construction companies and projects. The Covid-led recession will only add to the pressure…

Helix Legal | Australia | 19 Aug 2020

Licensing is not a cure for all the ills of the construction industry nor should it be an inapt ‘handbrake’ on people’s employment and business opportunities.

At the outset, I want to make it clear that I wholeheartedly endorse a strong, fair, and balanced contractor and in certain cases, an employee (e.g…

Helix Legal | Australia | 13 Aug 2020

Protection of subcontractor’s cash retentions is still an illusion

In an article published on 23 August 2018 entitled RIP Statutory Construction Retention Bond/Trust Scheme, I pointed out that the SOP reform process…

Helix Legal | Australia | 12 Aug 2020

Insights can be a contractor’s nemesis or friend

Insights gleaned out of the analysis of Big Data are quite possibly the most valuable thing any party can have at their disposal in making informed…

Helix Legal | Australia | 27 Jul 2020

‘Eyes up’ regulation of the construction industry was important before COVID-19. It is now essential.

The need for the construction industry to be the subject of ‘eyes up’, or more commonly described as ‘future fit’ regulation, is something that I and…
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