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Helix Legal | Australia | 13 Jan 2020

Haste makes waste - why section 42E should be scrapped

‘Haste makes waste’ is an old proverb and means that rushing into a decision may cause mistakes that waste more time than would have been taken by


Helix Legal | Australia | 6 Jan 2020

2020 must see the realisation of construction industry reforms

I am of the view that the construction industry will be significantly disrupted in the next several decades as a result of innovation-driven change


Helix Legal | Australia | 12 Dec 2019

SOP reforms fail the ‘pub test’

If I walked into a pub today, found a group of subcontractors having a beer and asked the following question: Do you believe the current Security of


Helix Legal | Australia | 8 Dec 2019

Government does a U-turn for retentions solution

In a previous article entitled Hang on tightly, 2020 will see further major SOP reforms, I pointed out that on 28 November 2019, the government


Helix Legal | Australia | 4 Dec 2019

Project Bank Accounts will only have limited application

In a press release dated 28 November 2019, the government announced its response to two SOP reports, one of which was by the Building Industry


Helix Legal | Australia | 28 Nov 2019

Hang on tightly, 2020 will see further major SOP reforms

On 27 March 2019, the government established a special taskforce (Taskforce) to investigate allegations of fraudulent behaviour relating to


Helix Legal | Australia | 27 Nov 2019

Adjudication shopping must not be allowed to make a comeback in QLD

While adjudication is an interim means of resolving payment disputes, the decisions handed down have real commercial consequences for those involved


Helix Legal | Australia | 21 Nov 2019

Cautious roll out of SOP reforms is a welcome development

I have written a number of articles regarding the Building Industry Fairness (Security of Payment) Act 2017 (BIFA). In these articles I have


Helix Legal | Australia | 1 Nov 2019

Adjudication is in the right hands

In an article I wrote in June 2018 entitled Is Adjudication about to make a comeback in QLD?, I voiced strong support for certain aspects of the


Helix Legal | Australia | 21 Oct 2019

When is a claim for payment not a BIFA payment claim? Part 2.

On 8 July 2019 adjudicator Richard Atkin (J1182971) delivered the adjudication decision 533688 in the matter of Niclin Constructions Pty Ltd (Niclin)

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