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Hammond-Partnership | Romania | 19 Jun 2019

Territorial jurisdiction of the Romanian courts in divorce matters

In Romania there are more and more frequently cases where one of the spouses files a claim for divorce after a long separation or where one of the…

Hammond-Partnership | European Union | 10 Jun 2019

The concept of passenger rights

The European Union defines a set of passenger rights in the EU that are common to all means of public transport by bus, by train, by ship and by plane…

Hammond-Partnership | Romania | 10 Jun 2019

The role of a commercial lawyer

Commercial law is a set of legal rules of private law that apply to legal relationships arising from legal acts, deeds and…

Hammond-Partnership | Romania, USA | 6 Jun 2019

Renewable energy

Renewable energy is the energy generated from natural sources, that is constantly renewed. The most common examples include…

Hammond-Partnership | Romania | 3 Jun 2019

The Difference Between Arbitration and Litigation

You may have encountered an arbitration clause in a contract and wondered what it is and whether you should be happy or upset about this clause. Or if…

Hammond-Partnership | Romania | 25 May 2019

Tips on choosing a real estate lawyer

Real estate and property law also comprise the financing aspects of property, such as mortgages, liens, and foreclosures. If you have purchased or are…

Hammond-Partnership | European Union | 21 May 2019

GDPR - A year later

In 2017, The Economist stated that personal data has outpaced oil as the most valuable resource in the world—and it has only become more…

Hammond-Partnership | Romania, USA | 13 May 2019

How To Choose The Right Family Lawyer

If you came to the conclusion that you need a family lawyer, the next question is which one to you choose? Attorneys practicing family law can…

Hammond-Partnership | Canada | 13 May 2019

What are my rights as an employee?

Employees have many rights and responsibilities that are enforceable by law. Employee rights protect workers from hazardous workplace conditions…

Hammond-Partnership | Romania | 9 Apr 2019

Romanian Trade Mark Registration

It is only in more modern times that Romania has become more and more involved in relation to trade marks. After 1990 trademarks assumed more…
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