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Over the past 30+ years, ZyLAB has been working closely with corporations, law firms, and governmental agencies to deal with regulatory requests…
Ask Lexy

ZyLAB | USA | 24 Jun 2021

Sensitive Information | How To Properly Apply Redactions And Avoid Inadvertent Disclosures

Lawyers handle tremendous amounts of sensitive information every day: their clients’ personal data, including both personally identifiable…
Ask Lexy

ZyLAB | Belgium, Netherlands | 14 Jun 2021

Hoe Active Legal DMS juridisch professionals helpt alle mogelijk relevante informatie te vinden

Voor juridisch professionals is het van cruciaal belang dat alle mogelijk relevante informatie binnen handbereik en goed vindbaar is. Het juridisch…
Ask Lexy

ZyLAB | Belgium, European Union, Netherlands | 11 Jun 2021

Legal Fact-finding | A Corporate Lawyer’s Guide to Active Legal Document Management Software

A key part of corporate counsel’s responsibility is to ensure that when Called upon, they are able to find relevant documentation fast. As such…
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