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SpringLaw | Canada | 13 Feb 2020

Are Changes to Canada’s Privy Law Landscape on the Horizon?

It looks like 2020 might be the year where Canada catches up in the realm of privacy and data protection laws. These will likely have a ripple effect


SpringLaw | Canada | 9 Aug 2019

Workplace data theft - Protect your company with best practices

The Capital One Data Breach has been big news lately, and for good reason. It’s a big deal. This breach compromised the data of over 100 million


SpringLaw | Canada | 13 Mar 2019

Whose device is it anyway?

Technology continues to blur the lines between our personal and work lives. How often have you answered a client email on your work laptop, only to


SpringLaw | Canada | 20 Feb 2019

Cameras in the Workplace: Privacy Law and Inadvertently Catching Your Employees in the Act

At SpringLaw, we are interested in privacy, technology and how they intersect in the workplace. A recent arbitration decision brought all three


SpringLaw | Canada | 7 Feb 2019

Rise of the machines in the workplace

Is your workplace about to be automated? A recent study by McKinsey & Company suggests that about half of the activities (not jobs) carried out by


SpringLaw | Canada | 10 Jan 2019

Costs and Legal Tech

In both Cass v. 1410088 Ontario Inc. ("Cass") and Drummond v. The Cadillac Fairview Corp. Ltd. ("Drummond") justices of the Ontario Superior Court


SpringLaw | Canada | 5 Dec 2018

Update on the Police Check Reform Act

Pre-employment police record checks have become common in our information-obsessed society. This is where the employer requires a job candidate to


SpringLaw | USA | 14 Nov 2018

Even Robots are a Little Bit Racist: AI Bias in Recruitment

How would you like to perform only the most high-level and uniquely human elements of your job? Are your skills really best utilized on data entry

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