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SpringLaw | Canada | 4 Sep 2019

Workplace Sexual Harassment in the Entertainment Industry

The recent trailer for the upcoming film Bombshell depicts a hauntingly quiet elevator ride between three women who, we will soon discover, have


SpringLaw | Canada | 10 May 2019

Fired by a robot!

Amazon has been in the news recently for its practice of tracking warehouse workers’ box packing speed and firing them if they do not “make rate.”


SpringLaw | Canada | 13 Feb 2019

The price of workplace harassment

Valentine’s Day has us thinking about romance. In the mind of an employment lawyer, the leap from romance to harassment is a short one, and so that is


SpringLaw | Canada | 28 Nov 2018

Goodbye Personal Emergency Leave

Bill 47, the Ford government's Making Ontario Open for Business Act has passed. One big change the bill makes is to the much discussed (and much used)


SpringLaw | Canada | 19 Sep 2018

Bill 164: Amendments to the Ontario Human Rights Code

Bill 164, introduced in October 2017, would expand the current prohibited grounds of discrimination under the Ontario Human Rights Code to include


SpringLaw | USA, Canada | 1 Aug 2018

Workplace Harassment - Employer Obligations

We see almost daily news items about workplace harassment, and employers can expect an uptick in worker awareness and complaints of workplace

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