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SpringLaw | Canada | 25 Sep 2019

What Happens to Vacation When an Employee is on a Leave?

Employers often have questions about what to do with vacation when an employee is on a leave. Do they still earn vacation time? Do they still get


SpringLaw | Canada | 18 Sep 2019

Time Theft and the Case of the Winnipeg City Workers

This news story was just so wonky, and incorporated many of the crazy things we regularly get questions about, that we had to write about it! This


SpringLaw | Canada | 12 Sep 2019

All About Overtime

Our clients ask a lot of questions about overtime. Despite many workplaces that are trying hard to keep work hours reasonable and limit them to 40


SpringLaw | Canada | 4 Sep 2019

Workplace Sexual Harassment in the Entertainment Industry

The recent trailer for the upcoming film Bombshell depicts a hauntingly quiet elevator ride between three women who, we will soon discover, have


SpringLaw | Canada | 28 Aug 2019

Canada Labour Code Amendments Coming into Force

Calling all federal sector employers! Significant amendments to the Canada Labour Code come into force on September 1, 2019. That’s this coming


SpringLaw | Canada | 21 Aug 2019

Standard versus Snowflake Workplace Legal Issues

Yes your business’ legal issues are full of many special and unique snowflakes to litigate. And then sometimes they are not and you just need a


SpringLaw | Canada | 14 Aug 2019

Accessible Canada Act - The Act to Ensure a Barrier Free Canada

Canada has just passed a new law to strengthen accessibility for people with a disability in Federally regulated workplaces and organizations. The


SpringLaw | Canada | 9 Aug 2019

Workplace data theft - Protect your company with best practices

The Capital One Data Breach has been big news lately, and for good reason. It’s a big deal. This breach compromised the data of over 100 million


SpringLaw | Canada | 31 Jul 2019

Texting at work

Let’s face it, we are all addicted to our phones. Some of us have jobs where our phones are required to be locked up in a locker for the day and we


SpringLaw | Canada | 24 Jul 2019

The Duty to Mitigate and Why You Have to Look For a New Job

If you’ve been terminated from your job and spoken to an employment lawyer you’ve probably heard the word “mitigation” thrown around. In this post