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SpringLaw | Canada | 27 Nov 2019

Tips for Having a Great (and Responsible) Holiday Party

Holiday parties are a great opportunity for employers to engage with their employees in a relaxed atmosphere. While it is important for everyone to


SpringLaw | Canada | 20 Nov 2019

Will Saving Provisions No Longer Save Us?

Saving provisions are widely used in employment agreements to ensure that even if a decision-maker finds that some aspect of some clause is not


SpringLaw | Canada | 13 Nov 2019

So, You’re a Respondent in a Workplace Complaint

You’ve been asked to meet with HR or People Ops. You may - or may not - be aware of what the meeting is about, but you’re a little rattled. You’re


SpringLaw | Canada | 6 Nov 2019

Power Imbalances and Romance in the Workplace

McDonald’s is in the news this week after their Board told their CEO, Steve Easterbrook, to “move on” after learning that he had been engaging in a


SpringLaw | Canada | 30 Oct 2019

Did your employee really mean to retire?

You can take it back. The Ontario Court of Appeal has ruled that employees can take back their intention to retire. We have spoken about whether an


SpringLaw | Canada | 23 Oct 2019

Title: Come On, Let’s Celebrate! Employers’ Obligations to Accommodate Religious Holiday Leaves

Canada is touted as a multicultural country and the home of many religious groups, but it is still the case that the two statutory religious holidays


SpringLaw | Canada | 16 Oct 2019

Cast Your VoteDuring Working Hours

Did you make it out to the polls this Thanksgiving weekend for the advanced voting days? Not to worry if you didn’t because there is still time - the


SpringLaw | Canada | 10 Oct 2019

Ministry of Labour Inspections

The Ministry of Labour (MOL or the Ministry) has been busy implementing its Healthy and Safe Ontario Workplaces Strategy. Introduced by the previous


SpringLaw | Canada | 2 Oct 2019

Another One Bites the Dust - Mass Closures and Employer Responsibilities to Employees

Another large fashion retailer has fallen out of style with consumers, closing its doors for good across Canada. Last Sunday, Bradley Sell, the Chief


SpringLaw | Canada | 25 Sep 2019

What Happens to Vacation When an Employee is on a Leave?

Employers often have questions about what to do with vacation when an employee is on a leave. Do they still earn vacation time? Do they still get