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SpringLaw | Canada | 13 Feb 2020

Are Changes to Canada’s Privy Law Landscape on the Horizon?

It looks like 2020 might be the year where Canada catches up in the realm of privacy and data protection laws. These will likely have a ripple effect


SpringLaw | Canada | 22 Jan 2020

What does it mean to be in a union?

We often get contacted by employees who are members of unions and employers looking to better understand the proscons when faced with unionization


SpringLaw | Canada | 9 Jan 2020

Notable Cases of the Year

As we shut the door on 2019 and begin 2020, we at SpringLaw thought this was a good time to look back on some of the biggest 2019 employment law


SpringLaw | Canada | 1 Jan 2020

How to go to the bathroom at work

Bathroom breaks come up frequently in news stories about workers’ rights. The City of Hamilton just narrowly avoided a transit strike where bathroom


SpringLaw | Canada | 20 Nov 2019

Will Saving Provisions No Longer Save Us?

Saving provisions are widely used in employment agreements to ensure that even if a decision-maker finds that some aspect of some clause is not


SpringLaw | Canada | 6 Nov 2019

Power Imbalances and Romance in the Workplace

McDonald’s is in the news this week after their Board told their CEO, Steve Easterbrook, to “move on” after learning that he had been engaging in a


SpringLaw | Canada | 10 Oct 2019

Ministry of Labour Inspections

The Ministry of Labour (MOL or the Ministry) has been busy implementing its Healthy and Safe Ontario Workplaces Strategy. Introduced by the previous


SpringLaw | Canada | 25 Sep 2019

What Happens to Vacation When an Employee is on a Leave?

Employers often have questions about what to do with vacation when an employee is on a leave. Do they still earn vacation time? Do they still get


SpringLaw | Canada | 18 Sep 2019

Time Theft and the Case of the Winnipeg City Workers

This news story was just so wonky, and incorporated many of the crazy things we regularly get questions about, that we had to write about it! This


SpringLaw | Canada | 12 Sep 2019

All About Overtime

Our clients ask a lot of questions about overtime. Despite many workplaces that are trying hard to keep work hours reasonable and limit them to 40

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