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SpringLaw | Canada | 6 Jan 2021

Ontario’s Latest Lockdown and a New Grant for Small Businesses

Happy New Year to our readers! In Ontario, we begin the New Year in yet another lockdown situation, which has forced many many small businesses to…

SpringLaw | Canada | 23 Dec 2020

New! IDEL Extension Until July 3, 2021

We had a feeling this might happen! And it has. The Ontario government has extended the length of the Deemed Infectious Disease Emergency Leave…

SpringLaw | Canada | 16 Dec 2020

Vaccination and the Workplace

Now that Canada has started to administer its first COVID-19 vaccine shots, many employers are wondering if they can require their workers to get…

SpringLaw | Canada | 10 Dec 2020

Canada Emergency Wage Subsidy Update

The federal government has once again extended the Canada Emergency Wage Subsidy (CEWS) and made changes to the eligibility criteria. While most…

SpringLaw | Canada | 2 Dec 2020

Pivoting Your Business During Yet Another Lockdown

As COVID-19 continues to create barriers for businesses across the province, many employers face tough decisions regarding their staff. With so much…

SpringLaw | Canada | 25 Nov 2020

New Business Liability Protection Act Carves out Employee Claims

Last week, on November 17, 2020, the Ontario government passed a law providing liability protection for businesses for COVID-19 issues. The new…

SpringLaw | Canada | 18 Nov 2020

Covid-19 Infections At Work

Obviously, an employee who has tested positive for COVID-19 should not return to work until they are no longer COVID-19 positive. In Ontario…

SpringLaw | Canada | 12 Nov 2020

Covid-19 2nd Wave Workplace Law Issues: Part 2

With the new Ontario Covid-19 response framework in place and Covid-19 still on the rise, employers need guidance on how to navigate workplace law…

SpringLaw | Canada | 4 Nov 2020

Covid-19 2nd Wave Workplace Law Issues: Part 1

With the second wave of Covid-19 upon us, new government benefits now in place and government business restrictions shifting, it is important for…

SpringLaw | Canada | 28 Oct 2020

Dress Code Rules: What’s wrong with saying “no hot pants”?

With so much hot news swirling around, some may have missed the story of the Arctic research mission MOSAiC’s dress code. Apparently, women on board…
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