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A G Paphitis & Co | Cyprus | 12 Nov 2020

Does Cyprus law allow wills to be signed electronically?

The outbreak of COVID-19 and continuation of social distancing measures have brought to light a variety of issues concerning the signing and execution…

A G Paphitis & Co | Cyprus | 5 Oct 2020

Significant amendments introduced to Trademarks Law

In June 2020 the Trademarks Law Cap 268 (as amended) was published in the Official Gazette, implementing the EU Trademarks Directive into Cypriot law…

A G Paphitis & Co | Cyprus | 11 Jun 2020

Individual investment in Cyprus during COVID-19 pandemic

While the COVID-19 pandemic has caused global economic turmoil, Cyprus is also facing challenges owing to the global interconnectedness of its economy…

A G Paphitis & Co | Cyprus | 27 Feb 2020

Benefits of Cyprus international trust regime

The Cyprus International Trusts Law is one of the world's most attractive legal frameworks, as it builds on the well-established English principles of…

A G Paphitis & Co | Cyprus | 22 Nov 2019

Benefits of Cyprus Investment Programme

The Cyprus Investment Programme is ranked among the top 10 programmes in the world for global citizenship. It was established to attract foreign…

A G Paphitis & Co | Cyprus | 19 Sep 2019

Recent changes to inheritance and succession law

Cyprus has a complicated system of forced heirship in which a portion of a deceased's estate must be effectively passed to surviving family members…

A G Paphitis & Co | Cyprus | 18 Jul 2019

Tax benefits for foreign nationals

Cyprus offers a number of tax incentives to high-net-worth individuals. For example, foreign nationals who earn €100,000 per annum from employment in…

A G Paphitis & Co | Cyprus | 7 Mar 2019

Estate and gift taxes in Cyprus - planning is needed

When property interests are given away during life or at death, taxes are imposed on their transfer. Such taxes are known as estate and gift taxes…

A G Paphitis & Co | Cyprus | 29 Nov 2018

Central Bank circular revises definition of 'shell companies': impact on offshore entities

The Central Bank of Cyprus recently issued a circular which clarifies dubious and vague information regarding shell companies and entities in Cyprus…

A G Paphitis & Co | Cyprus | 18 Oct 2018

Establishing international trusts for children

Typically, a parent's main concern is being able to pay for their children's education and ensuring the best start for them when they grow up and want…
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