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GRR is a daily information service providing cross-border insolvency and restructuring news, features and events. Our mission is to keep our…

Global Restructuring Review | Venezuela | 15 Dec 2020

Debt-equity Conversions in Venezuela

This chapter illustrates the legal, political and cultural issues that may arise in the context of any debt-to-equity conversion initiatives in…

Global Restructuring Review | United Kingdom | 15 Dec 2020

England and Wales: a Landmark Year for Legislative Reform

This year will be remembered as one of the most significant in English restructuring practice. From a legislative perspective, the Corporate…

Global Restructuring Review | Ireland | 15 Dec 2020

Restructuring and Insolvency in Ireland under Covid-19

This article provides an overview of restructuring and insolvency procedures available under Irish law, examines why there is renewed interest in…

Global Restructuring Review | Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates | 15 Dec 2020

Recent Restructuring Developments in the Gulf Region

This article explores the introduction and promotion in recent years of modern restructuring laws and procedures for businesses facing distress by…

Global Restructuring Review | Netherlands | 15 Dec 2020

Restructuring and Insolvency in the Netherlands

Dutch insolvency law is constantly evolving. In recent years, restructuring has been a key theme: the highly anticipated Dutch Scheme - which allows…

Global Restructuring Review | European Union | 15 Dec 2020

The EU Adaption of Important Chapter 11 Provisions

Chapter 11 has been both a model and a vision for the EU restructuring community for the past 20 years. Following the enactment of the EU…

Global Restructuring Review | Spain | 15 Dec 2020

Spain: Distress Investors, Covid-19 and a ‘Brave New (Insolvency) World’

Over the months that followed 14 March 2020, Spain set up the basis and justification for a new legal insolvency system that contains exceptional…

Global Restructuring Review | Brazil | 15 Dec 2020

Global Restructuring around the world: Brazil

In August 2020, the Brazilian House of Representatives approved the Bill of Law No. 6,229/05, which introduces material changes to the Bankruptcy Law…

Global Restructuring Review | Canada | 15 Dec 2020

Canada’s Flexible Restructuring Framework

This chapter highlights the flexible nature of Canada’s restructuring regime, where creative solutions to novel and complex issues are welcomed by…

Global Restructuring Review | Chile | 15 Dec 2020

Global Restructuring around the world: Chile

This chapter explains the Chilean insolvency regime with a special focus on its cross-border insolvency regulation and application in relevant recent…
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