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Raedas provides investigative support in high-stakes international litigation, arbitration, internal investigations and other contentious scenarios…

Raedas | Global | 24 Jun 2021

Director isabel asquith on freezing unusual assets

Director Isabel Asquith spoke on panel at ThoughtLeaders4 webinar ‘Freezing the un-freezable: the world of unusual assets’ on 21 June 2021…

Raedas | Global | 21 Apr 2021

Joana Rego spoke at the Harvard International Arbitration Law Students Association Workshop - Raedas

Founding Partner Joana Rego spoke at the Harvard International Arbitration Law Students Association (HIALSA) Workshop on 15 April 2021. The panel…

Raedas | Russia, USA | 20 Apr 2021

Associate Director Matthew Walker featured on TRT World’s global broadcast to discuss the recent US sanctions imposed on Russia

Associate Director Matthew Walker was interviewed by TRT World on 15 April 2021 regarding the sanctions that the Biden administration has imposed on…

Raedas | Kazakhstan | 25 Mar 2021

Associate Director Tobias Vollmer speaks on International Arbitration in Kazakhstan

Tobias Vollmer was invited to speak on 9 Bedford Row’s webinar on 24 March 2021. Tobias discussed the investigative implications connected to…
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Raedas | Global, United Kingdom | 29 Sep 2020

The potential of financial investigation remains largely untapped

Financial investigation and associated expertise are still largely unknown and vastly underused by justice and accountability actors, according to…
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Raedas | China, Global, USA | 30 Jun 2020

Risk and reward: increases in the use of facial recognition software

In recent years facial recognition technology has moved from being a staple of science fiction to an everyday reality. Technology firms can now…

Raedas | United Kingdom | 14 May 2020

Nicholas Bortman features on Montfort Communications' podcast - Raedas

Partner and co-founder Nicholas Bortman discusses the reality of investigations where contentious work and high stakes are the name of the game…
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Raedas | USA | 27 Apr 2020

FARA: using anti-propaganda laws in the fight against corruption

As the spread of the coronavirus limits travel and shutters archives, investigators are looking to pandemic-proof repositories of evidence. One such…
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Raedas | Global | 3 Apr 2020

White collar crime in the time of a pandemic - Raedas

As the novel coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic threatens economic stability and business as usual, will we see an increase in white collar crime as a…
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Raedas | Global, Russia | 4 Mar 2020

Tax havens: Russian style - Raedas

How would you picture an offshore tax haven? A Caribbean island with sandy beaches and palm trees or snow, ice and sub-zero temperatures? While you…
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