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Stewarts | USA, Ukraine, Iran | 20 Jan 2020

What Iran needs to do following the shooting down of Ukrainian Airlines Flight PS752

On Wednesday 8 January 2020, Ukrainian Airlines Flight PS752 was accidentally shot down by Iranian military missiles. In this article, Pete


Stewarts | United Kingdom | 14 Jan 2020

Securities litigation - International round-up - January 2020

The German overview covers the Steinhoff Accounting scandal, issues facing investors in shipping funds, and the Porsche and Volkswagen diesel


Stewarts | United Kingdom | 7 Jan 2020

LloydsHBOS litigation - judgment given on credit crunch securities action

The LloydsHBOS Litigation was a complex claim born out of the financial crisis and the circumstances around Lloyds' acquisition of HBOS in January


Stewarts | United Kingdom | 3 Jan 2020

Equifax fights UK opt-out data privacy class action

Ryan Dunleavy, Head of Media Disputes, comments in Global Data Review's report on Equifax's "wide-ranging attack against an English lawsuit seeking


Stewarts | United Kingdom, European Union | 12 Dec 2019

Labour and Conservatives’ manifestos on employment issues

In this election campaign, the main battleground has been over Brexit. It is no surprise, therefore, that the two main parties’ proposed approaches


Stewarts | United Kingdom | 11 Dec 2019

Disability benefits: if at first you don’t succeed - appeal

A large proportion of our pro bono clients will at some stage seek disability benefits to fill the hole in their Finances created by not being able


Stewarts | United Kingdom | 10 Dec 2019

Drone certification and licensing in United Kingdom

A brief overview of key certification and licensing requirements for drone operations in United Kingdom, including eligibility, procedures and fees.


Stewarts | United Kingdom | 10 Dec 2019

Drone Regulation in United Kingdom

A structured guide to drone regulation in United Kingdom


Stewarts | United Kingdom | 10 Dec 2019

Drone operations and maintenance in United Kingdom

A brief Q&A guide to the regulations governing drone operations and maintenance in United Kingdom, including key safety and insurance requirements.


Stewarts | United Kingdom | 9 Dec 2019

André Gomes’ injury is a reminder of the perils of playing professional football

Barrington Atkins considers the consequences of serious injury for players at all levels of the game and looks at a recent case in which a player

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