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Virtuoso Legal | United Kingdom | 16 Jan 2020

IP Insight - Harry and Meghan Prioritise Trade Marks

Unless you’ve been proverbially “living under a rock” for the past week or so, you’ve probably heard that Prince Harry and Princess Meghan have


Virtuoso Legal | USA, United Kingdom, European Union | 10 Jan 2020

IP Top 10 December - Twitch Get Twitchy Over Premier League Claim

Now that the festive season has drawn to a close and the wheels of business have begun to turn again around the world, we cast our eye over the big


Virtuoso Legal | Global | 6 Jan 2020

IP Insight: What do Roquefort, Tequila and Prosecco have in Common?

But these names are also used in marketing and strategic campaigns to exclusivel


Virtuoso Legal | United Kingdom | 19 Dec 2019

IP Top 10 - November: Taylor Swift Makes a Stand

As the nights draw in and we all prepare for the festive season, a good rest is in order! But things don’t simply stop in the world of intellectual


Virtuoso Legal | United Kingdom | 17 Dec 2019

Attention Amazon Sellers!

It’s the most wonderful time of the year for online shopping - from Black Friday deals, to Cyber Monday, all the way to the Boxing Day sales. I


Virtuoso Legal | United Kingdom | 27 Nov 2019

IP Insight - Blizzard v Bossland: Cheaters Never Prosper

On 4 July 2019, Deputy Master Bowles gave his decision relating to accounts of profits arising from Blizzard’s dispute with Bossland regardin


Virtuoso Legal | United Kingdom | 18 Nov 2019

IP Insight - Things Get Scary for Tesco with Mel B Image Complaint

An unlikely complaint this week from Mel B has once again shone a light on the murky legal situation surrounding image rights (or lack of) within the


Virtuoso Legal | USA, United Kingdom, European Union | 11 Nov 2019

IP Top 10 - October: Bentley Bent out of Shape

October has been and gone in the flash of an eye! With the spookiest month of the year came a range of scary IP stories (depending on which side of


Virtuoso Legal | Spain, European Union | 30 Oct 2019

IP Insight: Remember the “Right to be Forgotten?”

The “right to be forgotten” is the right to require a search engine to “de-reference” links returned by a search for an individual’s name using a


Virtuoso Legal | United Kingdom | 18 Oct 2019

Licensing and Collaboration: Venturing into the Unknown? Pt. 2

In part 2 of this series on commercial collaboration, the head of Virtuoso Legal’s commercial team, Kirsten Toft, examines the method of licensing

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