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We have the resources to confront complex claims, provide highly personalized attention, and offer competitive payment arrangements. Founded in 1985…

Keis George LLP | USA | 2 Oct 2019

A Second Chance at Subrogation Recovery

A recent decision in Davis v. Dungeons brought to light two points of law that are interesting and worth sharing. First, the Court held where one or…

Keis George LLP | USA | 2 Oct 2019

SR-22 Endorsements

Automobile insurance policies always list an automobile and a person. They also always contain a section that defines who is an insured under the…

Keis George LLP | USA | 1 Oct 2019

Defendant Failed to Yield the Right-of-Way

Our client required representation in a two-vehicle accident, which occurred in the afternoon at an intersection in Ohio. The insured was traveling…

Keis George LLP | USA | 25 Sep 2019

Product Recalls and Defects

More and more, we are seeing a significant increase in property damage caused by water and fire as a direct result of a defective product.

Keis George LLP | USA | 24 Sep 2019

Indiana Animal Liability

In Indiana, areas that were once considered rural are experiencing population growth as urban boundaries expand. This can lead to a clash between…

Keis George LLP | United Kingdom, USA | 22 Jan 2019

Negligence Standard: Public Roadways versus Private Parking Lots or Roads

The Ohio Revised Code provides the duties imposed on drivers while traveling on public roadways. The traffic laws can be found in Ohio Revised Code…

Keis George LLP | USA | 15 Jan 2019

Indiana Claims Against Governmental Entities

Our clients often refer cases to us involving claims against governmental entities. In Indiana it is permissible to sue a governmental entity in a…

Keis George LLP | USA | 10 Jan 2019

The Economic Loss Rule

The Economic Loss Rule is a doctrine that prohibits recovery for an economic loss resulting from a wrongful act or an infringement of a right, when…

Keis George LLP | USA | 25 Jan 2018

Product Recalls and Defects

Property adjusters are familiar with losses caused by defective products. While some product defects may be a unique or isolated matter, we are seeing…

Keis George LLP | USA | 23 Jan 2018

When Can a Parent or Guardian Be Liable for the Actions of Their Children

Liability for the actions of minors can always be a sticky issue. However, in certain scenarios, parents or guardians can be held liable for damage(s)…
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