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ICC FraudNet and Sofunde Osakwe Ogundipe & Belgore | Nigeria | 4 Oct 2020

Asset Recovery in Nigeria


ICC FraudNet | Canada | 24 Sep 2017

Portfolio Litigation Financing - What’s in it for the Lawyers?

Over the last decade, third-party litigation funding has established itself as an important and profitable product for funders, their investors, law…

ICC FraudNet | Global, Switzerland | 22 Jun 2017

Switzerland - A new hope? The Swiss Government adopts its Dispatch to the Parliament on an amendment to the provisions governing recognition of foreign insolvencies

On 24 May 2017, the Swiss Federal Council adopted its “Dispatch with respect to an amendment of the Private International Law Act (Chap. 11:…

ICC FraudNet | European Union | 3 Jan 2017

Freezing Debtor Bank Accounts Across the Continent in a Single Stroke: The European Account Preservation Order

Fraud victims and their legal counsel have gained an important, new tool for reaching across the Continent with a single ex parte order that will…

ICC FraudNet | Canada | 12 Dec 2016

Canadian Court Finds Third-Party Funding Not Prima Facie Maintenance or Champerty

A recent decision by an appellate court in Canada has endorsed an important principle that could be seen to support third-party financing of…

ICC FraudNet | China | 28 Jul 2016

Chinese-Related Disputes on the Rise

As relationships between the West and China continue to develop, it is apparent that there has been a noticeable increase in Chinese-related disputes…

ICC FraudNet | Canada | 12 Jul 2016

Foreign States Now Liable in Canada for Terrorism and Improper Commercial Conduct

As the boundaries between state action and commercial markets continue to blur, Canadian statutes and courts are keeping with the times. Recently, in…

ICC FraudNet | Netherlands | 5 Jul 2016

What to do When Fraud Is Discovered in Your Company

If fraud is discovered within your company, you want to be sure you'll be able to get back the diverted assets. Therefore, it's crucial that you tell…

ICC FraudNet | Brazil | 24 Jun 2016

Declining Economy Fuels Brazil’s Corruption Scandals

With news last month of Brazil's decision to impeach and suspend President Dilma Rouseff based on allegations of corruption and wrongdoing, the…

ICC FraudNet | Nigeria, United Kingdom | 15 Jun 2016

A Giant Leap Toward Transparency with Small Steps Harder to Take

Asset tracers and recovery specialists watched intently the announcement by British Prime Minister David Cameron at last month's Anti-Corruption…
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